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Literary Analysis


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Literary Analysis

Assignment: Write an analysis to interpret literature

Purpose: To apply critical thinking and analysis in your writing

Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, November 21st when class starts

**Make sure to reach the word limit for the rough draft**

Due Date: Monday, November 26th when class starts

Requirements: 750-1,000 wds, a double-spaced typed page, and only your analysis! No outside research. Make sure to add a creative title. This is your work so please make it stand out!

Topic: Read Haruki Murakami’s “Sleep”

Here are some questions to consider:

1. What is your thesis—the main idea of the essay?

2. What does the language of the text symbolize or suggest?

           -Focus on the story and the character—not the author.

           -Focus on metaphor, analogy, symbolism

3. What are some underlying themes (message) of the story?

           -Focus on the importance of the story and its meaning

Do not say à The author says that… or The author is trying to say that…

Do say à The story suggests that… or The character’s situation reflects…”


·         typed and printed

·         placed onto a Microsoft Word document

·         double-spaced

·         Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

·         1 inch margins

·         indented paragraphs

·         creative title centered in the middle with regular font

·         MLA citation

·         page numbers

·         third-person only

·         no first- or second-person (e.g., you, your, me, I, my, we, our, us)

·         no contractions (e.g., don’t, isn’t)

·         header on the left-hand side


Professor name


DateAssessment: I will evaluate your paper on the knowledge of conventions, clarity and coherence, rhetorical choices, and formatting (rubric in the syllabus). I will also check if you used critical thinking skills in your analysis.

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