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linear regression sample questions


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Paper Instructions

The objective of the team project is to apply the principles of statistics to real data(data you will collect from the real world). This will also develop your presentation skills and teamwork skills. Each team consists of approximately 8 students. To complete the project follow these steps:1 Step 1: Choose a ProblemMeet with your group and decide which problem/question you want to study. You are free to choose any problem, but you may wish to speak with the professor for nal approval. I encourage you to work on something that excites you. Here are some sample problems you might want to choose.Sample Problems:Sports:{ Sport League predictions:What makes a team more successful (e.g. in the NHL,NBA, CFL, Spanish Football League, etc.)?1

{ Olympics:What makes a country win more gold medals in the Olympics?Entertainment/T.V.:{ Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den:What increases the probability of getting an o er from the Sharks?{ Youtube:What makes a cat video more successful/liked?{ Cooking Competitions:Which types of dishes are rated more favorably by chefs?Finances/Business:{ Yelp:What makes a restaurant in Montreal earn more favorable ratings in Yelp?{ Real business:If a parent/relative/friend owns a business, and allows you to study her business, you are encouraged to study this business.{ Purchasing:You want to buy a used car. What are the factors that a ect the price ofused cars and how can you nd the best deal based on your budget.Weather:{ Global Warming:According to president Trump, \The concept of global warming wascreated by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”Analyze historical data and make your own conclusions.{ Holiday Planning:Holiday planning to exotic destinations is extremely expensiveduring high peak season, e.g., summer holidays in the Mediterranean. Can you identifydeals in o -peak season by analyzing weather data and nding months in a year withgood weather and low prices?Below are some sources of data just for your reference. Collecting data from other sources is

perfectly OK.Some data sources:Kaggle:

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