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Lifelong career development plan Essay


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Lifelong career development plan


As an aspiring business administration professional, I am interested in further developing a set of skills and qualities that will enhance my Lifelong Learning Plan. These include leadership skills, strong work ethics and initiative qualities. This set of skills and qualities can only be realized through an appropriate consideration of personal strategies aimed at ensuring continuous improvement and self evaluation. This paper seeks to discuss ways with which I can attain my Lifelong Learning Plan relative to the business administration course that am pursuant of.

Skills and qualities

In business administration, leadership skills, strong work ethic and initiative qualities define the degree of success that one can achieve as a professional business administrator. Business administration entails organization of resources and people and requires one to have strong decision making abilities (London, 2013). Leadership skills are thus crucial in ensuring the people are well motivated towards realizing organizational goals. Strong work ethic is critical in business administration as it enhances the organization of both resources and individuals in an organizational setting towards achieving set organizational goals. A business administrator has to have initiative more so in the decision making process that he or she is tasked with. As a decision maker, business administrators develop strategies and drive towards meeting organizational goals (London, 2013). This implies that initiative qualities are indeed foundational in ensuring that innovative developments are realized in an organizational level.

Strategies for continuous improvement and evaluation

To be an effective quality administrator, there is the need to have a personal strategy for continuous improvement and evaluation. Such a strategy should in essence incorporate both current and future career and organizational expectations (London, 2013). These strategies should be goal oriented and one has to consider whether present career outcomes are in line with the already set goals. This aids in enabling one to know how well he or she is aligning a personal career path with the already set goals.




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