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Liberty Bound into the search engine

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Students are to go to the following website:

Please enter: Liberty Bound into the search engine, located at the top.

The video “Liberty Bound”, by Christine Rose, is approximately 1:27 hrs in length. This video addresses civil rights and civil liberties. There will be 6 questions to answer. You will need to watch the entire video in order to answer all the questions. In order to receive hours for your work, please watch this video and answer the questions

1. Historian Howard Zinn stated regarding President George W. Bush, “This is the worst American administration we have had in the 20th century. It is unrestrained by public and world opinion, with the tightest constellation of Right-Wing people that seem determine to be at war.” Do you believe there are Fascist tendencies in the U.S.? How does Howard Zinn’s statement if any compare to President Obama’s administration? In order to receive full credit (EXPLAIN IN DETAIL for all questions).

2. Do you think it’s legitimate to compare President G.W. Bush to Hitler? Explain in detail.

3. Explain Michael Ruppert’s statement, “Fascism & Corporatism are interchangeable.” Do you agree/disagree

4. How do you feel learning that Prescott Bush (President G.W. Bush’s Grandfather), funded Hitler’s Nazi regime and was involved in slave labor? Do you feel this “Lineage” is corrupt, evil, or self-serving? Explain

5. Regarding the (3) interviews by Winston, Michael Moore, & Jeff Seemann, do you believe their civil rights and civil liberties were violated? Do you believe the “Patriot Act” is justified?

6. Howard Zinn made reference, that after 9/11 there was a rush of patriotism and men entering the military to “Serve Their Country.” He said, “The government is not the country, you are not fighting for your country, you are fighting for the government, political leaders, & corporations that will make money for the war.” Do you agree/disagree. Explain in detail.