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.Legislative & Executive Branches


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In the News….Legislative & Executive Branches


You might not realize how often the Legislative and Executive Branches are in the news. Have you heard of the Affordable Care Act? Ever wonder how that came about? Who proposed it and why? Who opposed it? Did it change through the legislative process? What about the President’s stance on Immigration Reform? The Federal Budget? We hear about all of the legislation that’s pending or that has passed and that will ultimately affect us. 


Choose a current or recent event that illustrates a theme covered in this week’s content on the Congress. Think about what Congress is working on and what’s the process. Use and cite at least one quality news article or story. How does the article explain a theme or themes about Congress from our textbook or other class sources? Offer your opinion, thoughts or insight as well. Some ideas of places to go for your news story:

For your Initial Post due by Thursday 11:59 PM:

  1. Create a 250 word summary of your article. Make certain to include a citation. For help with citations you can check out this PCC Cita