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Leading And Learning


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Task Description:

Using the task instructions to guide you, you are to discuss GRN challenges and strategies to ensure best practice.

What You Need To Do To Prepare

Read the TASK instructions carefully being sure that you understand all of the key words and directive terms. Use the CRA marking guide as a tool to guide your writing. 

Task Instruction:

Using high quality contemporary and GRN focused literature:

1. Discuss 2 intra-professional (nurse to nurse) challenges that the GRN as a beginning practitioner, may experience during their transition to practice; and 

2. Discuss how employing self-awareness and effective communication strategies could enable the GRN to avoid and/or resolve conflict with the nursing team. 

Learning Outcomes Assessment

1. Apply knowledge and skills of professionalism and strategic leadership in the context of the role of the new graduate registerednurse.

2. Within the context of transition to graduate nurse, employ leadership capabilities to critically evaluate practice priorities in the provision of safe, effective and holistic personcentred care.

3. Interpret and apply strategic thinking and key skills relating to intra-professional and interprofessional practice including conflict resolution, team functioning, and advanced communication.

This paper needs to be:

• Written as an academic paper in 3rd person, with an introduction, body and conclusion.

• This is a contemporary paper, and unless you are referring to a historical event, literature and resources need to be within 7 years of age

• Literature must be of highest possible quality, with peer reviewed research-based material as the preference.

• Textbooks may be used but to a maximum of 20% of your total reference list. • Legitimate websites such as the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia may be used.

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