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Leadership Framework Thesis

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Leadership Framework Thesis


For this assignment, you will submit a paper of about 1500-2500 words (six-ten double-spaced pages in 12-point font) in which you present your current personal leadership framework.

A leadership framework is an organized set of ideas that help you understand the roles of leaders and followers in different leadership situations so that you can perform your own leadership and follower roles well, help others to perform their leadership and followership roles well, develop yourself and others for leadership and followership, and think critically about what you read and hear about leadership and followership from this day forth.

Your work especially should reflect sensitivity to the ethical dimension of leadership. You should also take the context of leadership into account in terms of how it supports or limits leaders and followers and how it might impact ethical decision making and conduct.

You should give evidence of having thought critically about the major issues and concepts you have encountered in this course. For example, if you incorporate something you learned this semester, explain why you find the idea(s) particularly useful. Similarly, you should explain why you have rejected a major idea(s), if you do so. You also should inductively develop ideas about leadership and followership that reflect your engagement with the assigned leadership videos.

The paper is not a research paper, meaning you do not have to consult any sources beyond those you have been assigned during the semester. Instead of that it should be a statement of how you think about leadership now based on what you have read, observed or heard this semester. It should reflect your ideas. It should be a statement of what you think about leadership that you can actually live by for the near term as you gain more experience and knowledge. It should be a useful guide to you in future leadership situations, and it should be something you would be proud to give to someone who knows nothing about leadership. It should have the potential to help someone else become a better leader and a more effective follower in the first two-three decades of the 21st century.

The basic framework should include, as a minimum, your answers to the following:

  1. Definitions of basic concepts (e.g., leadership and followership)
  2. Identification and discussion of some of the basic issues or controversies and how you view them (e. g., is leadership learned or innate, are there gender differences in leadership, how is leadership different from management, how does leadership vary from one context to another and why, the importance of character and ethics)

You may cite the work of others, and you may also adopt or reject the ideas of others as long as you are able to explain why you choose to do so. Useful criteria for accepting for or rejecting the work of others include research, experience, and practicalit

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