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Leadership Ethical Policy Development


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Leadership Ethical Policy Development

The present essay paper will focus on the merger between two companies; UWEAR, a public entity, and PALEDENIM, a private entity. At the outset, it is essential to note that the merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM need dramatic change in their cultures. For this reason, the first situation is that there is a lack of common culture between the two companies after merging. It is important to meet with Human Resource (HR), as well as, leadership since it plays a significant role in embracing organizational culture. It is necessary to have a policy on organizational culture in order to influence the two companies as they work together (DuBrin, 2002). The policy will eliminate the differences and make the future of UWEAR and PALEDENIM work easier.

The second situation is that the two companies are different in the manner that they operate outside and inside. It is crucial to have a standard policy in order to have a similar operation within and outside the companies. The third situation is that both managers and employees of each company have varying expectations and philosophies. A policy will be essential in order to provide a clear outline of common philosophies and expectations (Colebatch, 2009). Before, the project is entirely implemented there will completely need to establish a code of conduct policies. This will be vital since it will deal with issues that surfaced due to the venture that needs to be resolved. For instance, during the meeting numerous issues emerged that needs to be addressed prior the project is executed to prevent future problems in the merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM.

The investigative and reporting measures that I think need to be put in place are that; hiring several individuals that will be responsible of monitoring the situation within the new merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM, and who shall report the real situation, as well as, consequences of the merger. Investigative measures will include cameras that will assist in halting rumors and intrigues among the colleagues. Fresh rules and regulations shall be introduced. Enforcement and punitive measures will also be introduced. In addition, it is important to have frequent meeting with all the employees (Howell & Costley, 2000). A new governing structure shall be introduced for an ethics committee for both companies.

For the best governing structure that I would propose to an ethics committee for UWEAR and PALEDENIM is as follows; I think that in order for the committee to succeed there is need to clarify the situation to the staffs . This will facilitate explanation of things cautiously to the employees (Brown, Treviño & Harrison, 2005). This will further give a clear indication of the corresponding changes in the merger. Also, to explain the visible benefits accrued from the merger and to execute the fresh rules and regulations for the staffs.

In conclusion, the primary intention of the established merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM was to benefit the two companies. However, there are unintended consequences and for the purpose of facilitating employees to work it is important to admit that there are differences and works in making the future work much easier for the staffs. With the managers and personnel coming from two different companies, they tend to have varying expectations and philosophies. The new policies need to be implemented, and employees notified about the introduced changes, as well as, pros of the merger.


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