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Laptop versus Tablets: Which One To Buy?


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Laptop versus Tablets: Which One To Buy?

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With the growing level of technology, most people confuse on whether to buy a laptop or a tablet. Nevertheless, tablets and laptops have almost similar features including internet capability, portability, easy to operate or use among others. However, before deciding on whether to buy a laptop ot a tablet, individuals should do some of the following activities. First, an individual should know the need he or she wants to meet. For example, one should buy a laptop if he or she needs a device for creating contents, for work, learning, designing, or any other activity that requires high performance. On the other hand, one should consider buying a tablet if he or she intends to use it for basic activities, such as posting to social networks, checking email, listening music, among others (Scarsella, 2013). Secondly, one should conduct a market research and indentify the kinds of tablets or laptops that are available in the market, their features, and prices, among others.

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Both laptops and tablets have their unique features and understanding them can greatly help in differentiating them. Tablets uses google`s android or apples` Iphone operating systems. These operating systems come with numerous applications (such as gmail, you tube, google talk, dictionary, facebook, among others) that can be easily accessed from the play store. Moreover, these operating systems are user friendly and facilitate multi-tasking, enhanced accessibility, parental control, among others. in addition, tablets have a storage capacity that ranges from 8-64GB of on-board storage space, and have slots for inserting external Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. All these memory space are necessary for accommodating most of the applications that are installed. In addition, tablets have a small screen size and weight, ranging from 7-12 inches, and this makes them to be more portable (Bristow, 2015). Moreover, tablets are efficient in power management as their battery life is about ten hours.

On the other hand, most laptops use windows operating systems such as windows 7, 8, 8.1 among others. However, most of the programs do not come with the operating system and to install them, one must download them from the internet. Moreover, the storage memory is large compared to that of tablets (such as 250-750GB), plus various slots for inserting external devices. Consecutively, laptops have more weight and large screen size (12-21 inches) compared to tablets (Scarsella, 2013). Additionally, most laptops have poor power management, especially due to big screen size. On average, the battery life of most laptops is approximately three hours. Nevertheless, laptops are more expensive compared to tablets.

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From the above features of both tablets and laptops, there are those that can mainly influence my decision on which device to buy. For example, the price for each device can greatly influence my decision. Laptops are more expensive (ranging from $999 to $600) compared to tablets (cost ranging from $200 to $800) (Scarsella, 2013). Therefore, if I don’t have much money, I definitely decide to buy a tablet since its cheaper. Secondly, the durability would also influence my decision. Laptops have high durability (3-4 years) than tablets (1-2 years), and therefore, I would prefer to buy a laptop than a tablet. Thirdly, I would consider the productivity tools for each device. Laptops have more productivity tools for performing business than tablets.


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There are numerous tablets that are available in the market. Some of these include, Galaxy Tab (Samsung), Optimus Pad (LG), XOOM Motorola, Surface (Microsoft), Nexus 7 (Google), among others. nevertheless, out of these tablets, I would prefer to buy Galaxy Tab (Samsung) as it has high internal memory compared to the others (Bristow, 2015).




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