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kinesiology field.

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this assignment must be done within 15 hours…….no late work……please help me….

This has to be based on someone in los angeles area or orange county California area. Just google to find someone or a job in the kinesiology field.  


Informational Interview and Observation                                                                                                                      40pts

Selecting one of the Kinesiology sub-disciplines you will create at least 15 questions, identify an individual working in this sub-discipline, interview them, and observe them working in the field.  You will produce a 2-3 page paper summarizing your observation and discuss the 7 sub-disciplines and how they related or do not relate to what you have observed. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL LOSE POINTS FOR EACH DAY LATE. 

You can pretend that you did interview them and just make it up but the answers must be in the field of Kinesiology. 

The 15 questions are general questions you would ask someone who works in that particular field such as why did you choose this field, what does your work consist of, etc etc etc.   

Please help me and no late work…..