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Karl Walks Around Essay


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Case study 1: Karl Walks Around

Que 1.

Through the walkaround, Karl managed to learn that Pete is having challenges of understanding the accents of some of his customers. At the same time, Karl also managed to learn that some of the customers complain that Pete talks too fast that they fail to understand him. These communication barriers are crucial as far as the satisfaction of the customers is concerned, and Karl needs to seek measures of addressing them (DuBrin & Geerinck, 2013). Additionally, through the walkaround, Karl managed to learn that the instruction manuals are too complicated to such an extent that most customers are not understanding them, including how to access the serial number.

Que. 2

Karl can enhance his questioning skills by learning how to ask one question at a time rather than a string of questions at the same time. It was unwise for him to ask Derek numerous questions at the same time, without even giving him a chance to respond. In addition, Karl need to plan and prioritize the questions that he should ask. He needs to ask business matters first before proceeding to hobbies of the call center workers.

Que. 3

Karl can enhance his listening skills by facing the call center worker and maintaining an eye contact. In addition, he should not interrupt what the speaker is saying or impose solutions to the speaker even without internalizing what he is being told.

Case study 2: Ruth Waves a Red Flag

Que. 1

Ruth`s role on the cost-reduction team is to critically analyze the decisions that have been made by the team. It is clear that she at first seems not to be ready to contribute since she had been analyzing the positive and the negative sides of the suggestion that have been advocated by the other team members. She is the only one who have come out with the negative side of the suggestion.

Que. 2

Ruth appears to be very effective in criticizing the suggestion since she does not hesitate to tell the other team members concerning the negative side of their suggestion. She remains adamant to her point even when all the other members are supporting the suggestion.

Que. 3

It seems jack is the secretary in the cost-reduction team. He had been taking notes concerning the various suggestions that the other team members have been making for the last one month concerning how the team would reduce cost. The aspect of cutting down pension benefits is just one of the numerous suggestions that Jack had noted down.

Que. 4

Jack is effective in his role since he had managed to prioritize the suggestions which has been made by the cost-reduction team. He has effectively managed to identify the suggestion that is supported by most members and one that would help in cutting down the cost. He clearly stipulates that by cutting pension benefits, the team would manage to reduce cost without the current employees being adversely affected.

Que. 5

Carlos is very effective as a team leader and this is due to a number of factors. For example, she introduces the team members and gives them a brief reminder them concerning the agenda at hand. This helps in attraction the attention of all the team members and keeping them alert concerning what the meeting entails. In addition, she ensures that she gathers the views of each and every team member, to such an extent that she goes to the extent of soliciting the views or contributions of those who have not spoken. For example, out of all the team members, only Ruth who had not spoken, and as a good team leader, Carlos does not proceed without seeking the views of Ruth (DuBrin & Geerinck, 2013). She clearly understands that there are some members who are not talkative unless they are solicited to talk.

Case study 3: Akiak Wants to Fit In

Que. 1

Cultural sensitivity plays a fundamental role in ensuring that individuals who belong to other cultures perfectly fits in a new culture. For example, in the construction company that has employed Akiak, all the other employees are non-Eskimo while he is an Eskimo, and the measures that the team members embrace in order to ensure that Akiak fits in are very helpful. For example, the aspect of Mary asking Akiak whether she can be referring him as an Eskimo or Inuit.

Que. 2

Akiak co-workers could have related better to him by not letting him be the topic or the center of interest in all the things that they were doing. Doing so makes Akiak feel inferior and uncomfortable and may be that’s is why he finally excused himself. They should have learnt to know much about him through daily interactions rather than doing it at the same time.

Que. 3

Akiak is aware that fitting in with the non-Eskimos cannot happen at once, and he must have patience in order for him to perfectly fit in. the fact that he is dedicated to be patient, he has done the best in try to relate with his new co-workers.

Que. 4

Akiak does not have a negative attitude at all. Apparently, he feels overwhelmed by the numerous questions that’s are being directed to him. He is a human and just like anybody else, he feels like he is being attacked by the co-workers.


DuBrin A., and Geerinck T., (2013). Human Relations: Interpersonal and Job-Oriented Skills (4th Edition). Pearson Education Inc. USA.



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