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Juvenile Delinquency


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Paper Instructions

2 part project

Part 1

Juvenile Delinquency


In this module, we learn about the differences in the criminal justice system between adults and juveniles and the theories behind delinquent behavior in this population. In this discussion, you will further explore juvenile behavior, juvenile crime, and the causes of delinquency.


Watch the videos on the Colorado Public Radio article titled: 48 Colorado Juveniles Serving Life Sentences Could Get Parole . Utilize information from the textbook, outside research and the article to answer the following questions:

Do you think this change, from life in prison, to 30 years and then possibly parole, is the best outcome? Why or why not?

At what age should a juvenile be charged with a crime?

At what age should the juvenile be charged as an adult?

Is there an instance in which a student should be sentenced to life in prison?

How should society best deal with crimes committed by this population?

Optional Resources

Crime, Culpability and the Adolescent Brain

The Teen Brain: Still Under Construction

Part 2. Legalization vs. Decriminalization


In this discussion, we explore the idea of legalizing drugs as opposed to the decriminalization of drugs.


Review this module’s Exploration and then address the following in your post:

Briefly discuss the differences between legalization of drugs and decriminalization.

Would legalization or decriminalization of drugs be beneficial for our suspect?

What are some of the ramifications of legalizing or decriminalizing drugs?

Does research support either method?

How can society better address the rampant drug problem in our society?

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