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Joining the Military after high school


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Personal Narrative – Joining the Military after high school


In the contemporary world, life has changed to that of the jungle, where only the fittest are deemed to survive. However, this has become possible due to the increasing number of the world`s population and the limited number of resources. For this reason, it is necessary for the young generation to shape their life by attaining the necessary skills, which would enable them to fit in this competitive world. With the help of their parents, friends, and other necessary parties should help them to discover their passion earlier, and be determined to pursue them until they accomplish them.

For my case, my passion has been to become a marine officer after completing my high school studies. My decision of joining military was influenced by one of my cousin, who had joined the military when I was in the 6th grade. He used to narrate to me the hard training that they were going through, such as waking up early in the morning, running long distances, learning how to dive, swimming, and other sorts of physical exercises, so as to they can be hardy and courageous in facing marine terrorists. He also informed me that though the training was harsh, the benefits that result after completing the training were amazing. First, the job is ready waiting for them since they were posted in different marine posts immediately after completing the training. This was a major advantage since there is no wasting of time hunting for a job here and there. Secondly, the military officers are well paid even during the training period; receive better allowances and retirement benefits, compared with other professions. Thirdly, the job itself is a form of body exercise and, therefore, reduces the risk of developing various non-communicable diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular diseases.

After his narrative, I made up my mind in joining the military. I always wish to be hardy in my life, so that I can face life challenges with ease. In addition, due to the increased number of learned individuals there is a high likelihood of failing to get a job, or take more time and resources trying to find one. In the military, there is an assurance of a job immediately after training. Consecutively, serving in the military is a sign of showing loyalty to my motherland, which is one of my greatest desires. Being a military corp would enable me to be beneficial to my family, community and the state, in general.

This decision had a great impact on my life. I started preparing myself for the training through practices such as attending gym, swimming and other body exercises that military trainees attend. Moreover, after high school, I joined and started the military training. As opposed to my fellow trainees in the military (who used to see it as a punishment), I took the harsh training with a lot of positivity and determination until I managed to complete it.


I think my decision of serving as a marine corp was the best one for me. I got posted immediately after training, and currently am earning a good amount of money that is enough to cater all my needs. In addition, most of my high school classmates, especially those who joined other tertiary institutions are still seeking employment opportunities while others are still in various learning institutions advancing their studies. I have never, and will never regret joining the military.