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Jaguar- SWOT analysis


A company’s prowess to sustain its operations in the market is highly influenced by an internal and external environment. In this case, the essay intends to exemplify how effectively the tools of analyzing the internal and external environment can be used to analyze a renowned company, Jaguar. Ideally, the essay will reflect on the use of a SWOT analysis to determine the strength and the weaknesses of the company, as well as, the opportunities and threats that are likely to be experienced by the company (Peler, 2009). Remember, Jaguar Company is an outstanding manufacturing company in as far as premium cars are concerned. It offers beautiful, luxurious and fantastic pieces of work that at times cost a lot. Below is a SWOT analysis of the company.


First, the company manages to manufacture and offer a quality product to the market. Most importantly, the company has a rich culture identity, as well as, a strong brand. Resultantly, the company has managed to maintain a high level of popularity in the motor vehicle industry. In addition the company has improved its distribution channels particularly in the emerging economies. Further, the taskforce of the company is highly skilled. The company’s output is attributed to the quality of work done by the task force. The task force has managed to award the company will a specific niche category within which very few other brands can compare themselves. Hence, it has been consistently together towards ensuring that the premium customers still make it the optimal choice in as far as consumption is concerned. Ultimately, the company has continued to dominate the market in terms of making numerous sales of luxurious cars across the global economies.


Despite the perspective that the company’s products have an outstanding market scope, it is imperative to denote that the company lacks out in terms of diversity. The competitor companies including Toyota enjoys from the wide scope of brands or products that it offers in the market. In addition, the car designs have often faced criticism beside the fact that they are featured to perform highly. In addition, after the company acquired Tata, the cost cut resulted in some labor union issues that cost the company its reputation (Blitterswijk & Karadzhov, 2009).


Jaguar is experiencing an increase in the level of demand for its products in the emerging economies such as India, Russia, China and even Europe. Hence, there is a likelihood that upon investing seriously in these regions, the company will manage to escalate the level of sales in the future. Further, the hybrid luxury cars market is still untapped. Considering that there is minimal competition, then it is clear that the company will still retain its dominance in the market. The company also has the potential to make strong acquisitions hence acquiring a new target market. The increasing disposal income in most countries whose economies are growing is making it possible for consumers to purchase expensive car models from Jaguar.


The company is likely to face stiff competition from other manufactures such as Mercedes, Aston martin, Bentley and Porsche amongst others. These companies are also established in the market and can also develop similar brands as those of Jaguar. The world is also changing in terms of the more fuel efficiency methods making it hard for the Brand to make as many sales as before. Cases of financial instability including cases of inflation and recession could result to reduced consumption.


Hence, the SWOT analysis provides the avenues in which the company can succeed and the issues that could result in the deterioration of the company’s performance. For instance, the product quality fosters absolute success in the company’s attempts to dominate the luxury cars market. However, there are challenges that also seem to deter the company in the future including the completion forces. Hence, the SWOT analysis facilitates better analysis of the company.













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