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IT Project Management


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IT Project Management

Question one

Currently, communication skills are taught in almost all the courses and it is mandatory for all the courses in the educational program to have a topic that teaches students on the basics of communication. Communication skills are important for the student’s career development since the world is getting competitive day by day. In the course of employment especially in project management, employers look for the ability of an individual’s ability to present themselves and this can only happen if one has great communication skills (Campbell, 2009). Consequently, employers ensure that before hiring project managers, they should be able read, write reports, express themselves, tone, body language and listening skills. Communication skills should be emphasized in degree programs because students that are not able to communicate effectively cannot keep up with the competitive world. Before communicating the risks, it is important to understand the stakeholder needs and analyze the risks involved (Campbell, 2009). Communicating risks should be made in a simple and straightforward manner. The information shared should be right and given at the right time and to the right people so that it can be easy to come up with way for reducing threats and grab opportunities.

Question Two

IT project management is a course that equips students with different skills that are applicable in not only their private lives but also during employment (Australia & Blanton, 2015).  The top three skills that are learnt in the course include project management simulation, communication skills and project resources management. Communication skills are important for project managers since they work with diverse teams and they are required to pass information for the benefit of the organization. Project simulation also teaches on managing project resources, time and the scope of the project and ensuring that there is a balance in aspects of the project (Australia & Blanton, 2015). Last, management of project of project resources is important to managers since it is their primary responsibility for ensuring that there is proper planning of all the resources allocated for a particular project.


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