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Is Religion Important to Society?


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Is Religion Important to Society?

Religion is an institution established before other mainstream institutions like Schools and governance. In ancient times, more so in Biblical and pre-machine eras, belief constituted the law of the land. Communities and nations used doctrine contained in religious books to form their statutes. It is only in recent past that contradicting opinions and ideas about religion have altered the lawmaking and societal fabric. According to (“Does Religion Play A Vital Role In Modern Societies?”) 56% of respondents agree with the question while 44% do not. Again, according to (Kołodziejska) doctrines taught by religious institutions are slowly becoming vague because clear lines between what is acceptable and what is not are becoming blurred. The following paper argues out opinions regarding the importance of religion to the current society.

According to (Schloss), religion provided the doctrine to follow spiritually, socially and in family settings. The Bible guided pre-Christ eras to create laws and even several years after His time. The rules contained in The Quoran dictated and still dominate Muslim societies. All constitutions existing have several laws based on religious doctrines. Social virtues are also cultivated from a Christian or Muslim perspective. Morals and proper conduct are examples of virtues instilled through spiritual and social guidance. Life is full of uncertainties and belief or faith in an unexplained All-Powerful Deity helps in controlling behavior. Believing promises a pleasant experience after death if one lived a caring and loving life without harming their neighbor or their properties.

Sociologists like Sombart and Max Weber rightly established the relationship of religion with the economic system. Weber observed the influence of Protestant ethics in the development of capitalism. This lead to progress of Christian nations as compared to other religions, for example, Pakistan and India. Virtues insisted on by religious factions help in fostering peace among warring nation or communities. Case in example is the 2007-2008 Kenyan Post-Election Violence which was cooled down by religious and political mediators (Schloss). Religion helps in unifying a community. People gathering together in prayer and worship are bound to create better social networks.

On the other hand, religion is blamed for social woes and indifference. Several nations have been put on the limelight in cases of religious discrimination (Schloss). For example, people from Arab countries complain about how they are treated in foreign countries. Due to an increase of bombing and attacks on non-Muslim nations, Arabs are always handled with caution. The rift between religious factions has widened in the recent past with deadly attacks occurring from time to time all over the world. Religion has also caused or created a hypocritical society which exhibits itself as a peaceful and friendly society, but indeed people are not.

Religion is flaunted as an institution void of doubt and selfishness. Unity and purity are virtues that religion praises while it is not the case in recent times especially in Christian movements. Numerous churches have sprouted in defiance of doctrines taught to other congregations. Starting with the fracturing of the Catholic church to several protestant factions divided the people (Kołodziejska). It is also to be noted that people are starting churches to benefit themselves instead of opening for the core business of teaching and preaching. This breakdown made the creation of cults simpler. Muslims have different opinions towards Jihadi and revenge attacks that continuously cause havoc.

Religion and beliefs have for centuries molded how societies live and relate to one another. Indeed, religions founded all the laws of the land as evident in Constitutions globally. Despite the fact that faith and fellowship of certain doctrines have led to widening societal and global ties, it is imperative to society. Morals and virtues derived from the Holy Books keep people in check and hopeful that good deed will be repaid beyond the grave.

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