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IS/IT research


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 Research Paper – You are to submit an 8 – 10 page research paper. You will be graded on technical value (IS/IT related) of the topic, understanding of the topic, relevancy of the topic, critical analysis of the topic, use of analysis methodologies and tools (if necessary, like UML, ERDs, etc), spelling, grammar, citations, originality of thought, and page count. The page count does not include your bibliography page. You may include charts or graphs to illustrate a point or emphasize facts, but you must not overuse them to diminish your content. You will use either APA format for the project. I would suggest creating an outline to guide your writing. Also, make use of the writing articles and websites posted on Blackboard and on your syllabus, as well as the university’s Writing Center to assist in your successful outcome. Examples of abstracts, a rubric and feedback will be provided. The paper must be submitted using word

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