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Introduction To The Social Sciences


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For this assignment, you will be selecting and critically analyzing an entry from a sociology blog.  You will answer the following questions and submit.  You should choose an entry that interests you!  You are welcome to select an entry with or without a video clip – it’s up to you. You may need to do some additional reading on your selection, and many of the entries contain links to other articles. Do the appropriate background reading to make your understanding of the topic as strong as possible.  

Follow APA guidelines for citations and be sure to avoid plagiarism. Click on the link below: CLICK ON ARCHIVES and select a category that interests you

1. What is the main idea of the post you have selected? (Please summarize and be sure to indicate the title of the entry).

2.What do you find interesting about this article and in what ways does this relate to your own experiences and understanding about the social world?  

3.How does this article agree with, or conflict with your own worldview?  (i.e. Does the article ‘fit’ with how you see the world or does it offer another viewpoint?)

4.How is power represented in the article?  (i.e. who/which group has power? Who benefits from having power? Who is left out? What are the assumptions – what is accepted as ‘true’?)  *this can be difficult to spot/tease out – do your best! I just want you to begin thinking about things in this way 

5.How does this contribute to your understanding of inequality? Or does it? Explain.

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