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Introduction To Medical Anthropology


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Provide a dispassionate review of the topic and chosen sources, and end with your thoughts on the role Eastern mindfulness is playing in Western medicine and society. Why did it gain popularity and is it used/understood the same way by Western culture as by the originating culture? Has the West adopted, adapted or distorted mindfulness?

General Outline

1. Quickly define mindfulness and discuss the history and culture that produced it

2. Discuss its entry into the West- what aspects of its original philosophy and focus are valued and what devalued? 

3. Discuss how it is being used in various parts of Western society- health generally, but also in specific contexts as listed in the articles. Has its definition and practice changed?

4. Discuss your own point of view on the topic of cultural appropriation.

Since this is a short essay based on provided sources, you will be required to summarize the sources’ information in a comprehensive manner. Do not just summarize them one by one and then write some hasty conclusion. Write an essay. You should paraphrase rather than directly quote, to indicate that you understand what they are saying. The authors and presenters of these sources give their own points of view. You are to critically examine these and state whether you agree or disagree with them, and why.

You will be graded on:

1.How well and efficiently you summarize what you see as the important points in each of the assigned articles. If you do not cite or at least refer to every article, you lose marks.

2.How well and clearly you cite each article. Are all quotes marked as such, and do you note which author or article made which point?

3.How well you organize those points to summarize and critique their information.

4.How clearly stated and consistent your position is throughout the paper.

5.How well you separate unsupported opinion from reasoned argument. 

6.How well you cite your sources in MLA style

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