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Introduction To Human Disease


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Mary is a post-menopausal 55 year old lady. She recently underwent a left sided “wide local excision (WLE)” and sentinel node biopsy as surgical treatment for a breast cancer. The pathology report indicates her tumour is a 25mm invasive duct carcinoma, no special type (IDC, NST), grade 3, with lymphovascular invasion, clear of the surgical margins and with a 4mm tumour deposit in her sentinel node. The tumour is oestrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR) negative, but is Human epidermal Growth Factor receptor (HER2) positive.

What are the current best practice guidelines for the treatment of her breast cancer? Your essay should be referenced in the style of Vancouver, and provide an introduction (which includes a discussion of the relevant pathology/staging as context for the remaining sections), and a discussion of treatment and prognosis. Sub-headings for these sections are recommended. Figures are welcome, but should only be used if they enhance your assignment.

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