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Instruct the audience on how to marry

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Final Take-Home Exam Instructions (there are no other exams):

Imagine that you have been invited to OEC to make a presentation to your fellow students during a panel discussion of marriage.  You have been asked to create a Power Point that completes the following task:

                  There are many ways to marry.  Instruct the audience on how to marry

in the Christian way.  Use commands, followed by brief explanations,

e.g., “Commit to Marriage as a Permanent Covenant…”

You must firmly ground your answers in our readings and discussions.  Note that some of the material we cover is particular to Catholicism, (e.g., Humanae Vitae), but still raises important issues common to all Christians (e.g., family planning).  The slides must be well-constructed substantively, with depth, yet succinctness.  A paragraph is too wordy, but two bullet points is not enough.  Shoot for around five significant bullet points or something comparable (a diagram? a table?).  Do not worry too much about stylistics, though your overall product should be polished.  The title page does not count as one of the 25 slides.  Consider constructing slides in an ongoing way as we move through the course.  Caution: grades often drop if the content is haphazard, so organize your power point thoughtfully, as if you were actually presenting it.  Merely copying course notes onto a slide will not suffice. No bibliography is required.