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Answer ALL questions in all the THREE TASKS given below

TASK  1:

Mary has been offered a retirement package from her work as a flight attendant with Qantas. Her long-term goal has been to buy a day-spa resort on the central coast of New South Wales with her sister Martha, who is a marketing consultant.  Mary and Martha do up a business plan. They find an old yet suitable building at Nelson Bay which is on the market for sale. With their husbands (John who is a builder and James who is a plumber) they decide to sell their homes in the Sydney CBD for a fortune and purchase the building to start their day-spa.  They think the potential for the business venture is enormous, but expect that additional capital will be required over the next five years for their dreams to be realised.

Required:  {Answer each question in no more than 300 words}

    1.  Click on and read details of ‘Starting a business guide’ and ‘Make Key Decisions’ and then select ‘Decide on a business structure’. Compare and contrast the income tax issues associated with the partnership and company forms of business structure.                                                                                                                                                                                             (5marks)        

TASK  2:

Write an essay on the following:

Financial reports are largely based on historical financial information and are therefore useful in assessing the accountability (stewardship) of management, but of little use to external decision-makers when it comes to allocating scarce resources.  (maximum 750 words)                                                                                        (10 marks)

TASK  3:

Refer to the Financial Statements of the company listed below (as per workshop you are enrolled in) for the latest three years and complete the tasks (a) to (f) :   (500 words)

Students enrolled in Workshop 1 Monday 6-9pm, Newcastle:

Students enrolled in Workshop 2, Wednesday 2-5pm, Newcastle:

Students enrolled in Workshop 3, Thursday 2-5pm, Newcastle:

Students enrolled in Workshop 4, Friday 9-12noon, Newcastle:

Students enrolled in Workshop 5, Friday 1-4pm, Newcastle:

Students enrolled in Workshop 6, Friday 9-12noon, Ourimbah:

  1. What types of products or services do they sell?                                                                          (2 marks)
  2. On what day of the year does its current financial year end?                                                     (1 mark)
  3. Why does it publish more than the current year’s data?                                                             (1 mark)
  4. Are its financial statements audited by independent auditors? If so, by whom?                     (1 mark)
  5. For the most recent three years calculate and explain:
    1. Any two profitability ratios                                                                                          (6 marks)
    1. Any two efficiency ratios                                                                                             (6 marks)
    1. Any two liquidity ratios                                                                                                                (6 marks)
    1. Any two financial gearing ratios and                                                                       (6 marks)
    1. Any two investment and market ratios                                                                     (6 marks)

Refer to your text book for the list of ratios and their formulae.

  • Having calculated the above ratios, you now need to take into consideration the company’s corporate governance and ethical standards and provide advice to an investor who wishes to invest all his life savings in the company.  (maximum 500 words)                                                                            (10 marks)

Individual Project – assessment criteria


  MaxPoorFairGoodVery Good (3.5-4)  Excellent (4.5-5)
aDemonstrate ability to identify and list  the necessary skills with appropriate explanation 5     
bComparison and explanation about tax issues and the form of business 5     
cChoice of business structure – arguments for and against with conclusion.5     
dReasons for bank to finance /not to finance  with explanations to support the argument 5     
Task 1  marks (max 20) =  


Weight PoorFairGoodVery Good  Excellent (4.5-5)Total (Weight x mark)
0.1Demonstrates appropriate skills in identifying strategic issues.        
0.1Evaluation of the stewardship, financial reporting and decision-makers      
0.1Relationships between specific points/issues are made clear.      
0.05The writing is interpretative and analytical rather than merely descriptive.      
0.05Appropriate evidence is used to support arguments      
 Originality (0.2)      
0.2Reveals independence of thought beyond a mere restatement of received ideas with regard to the argument and discussion.      
 Structure and Interpretation(0.15)   
0.05The introduction is clear and signals the direction the paper will take.      
0.05The body of the paper is cohesive and built on a logical sequence of relevant paragraph based points.      
0.05Analysis and discussion of the relevant issues that support the argument are done well.      
 Writing skills (0.15)      
0.05The writing is clear, concise and smooth-flowing.      
0.05Sentences are properly constructed and the prose is grammatically correct and well punctuated.      
0.05Word choice is appropriate and words are correctly spelt.      
 Referencing (0.10)      
0.05Sources used are adequately and accurately referenced throughout the paper      
0.05References are drawn from relevant sources      
Task 2  marks (max 10)  = (Total/5)*10 =

Individual Projectassessment criteria (Cont’d)


  Max MarkGiven MarkRemarks
aMinimum two products clearly identified 2  
bDay of the current financial year end identified 1  
cExplanation to support the publication of more than the current year’s data clear and concise1  
dIndependent auditors full name identified 1  
e(i)Correct formula, calculation and explanation for any 2 profitability ratios for 3 years6  
e(ii)Correct formula, calculation and explanation for any 2 efficiency ratios for 3 years6  
e(iii)Correct formula, calculation and explanation for any 2 liquidity ratios for 3 years6  
e(iv)Correct formula, calculation and explanation for any 2 financial gearing ratios for 3 years6  
E(v)Correct formula, calculation and explanation for any 2 interest and market ratios for 3 years6  
fExplanation about company’s corporate governance & ethical standards and how they link to financial ratios that support the advice given to the investor. Detailed arguments supported by data and a proper conclusion10  
Task 3  marks (max45)  =
Overall remarks



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