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In the News…Privacy

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In the News…Privacy


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You might not realize how often our civil liberties — particularly the right to privacy — are put to the test on a daily basis. Many of the current news stories reflect the line between a citizen’s right for privacy. Do you wonder about your privacy on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for example? How do you feel about wiretapping and government accessing phone records? All of these concerns are things that affect our lives.  


Choose a current or recent event that illustrates a privacy concern. Use and cite at least one quality news article or story. How does the article explain a theme or themes from our textbook or other class sources? Offer your opinion, thoughts or insight as well.

Some ideas of places to go for your news story:

Shatford Library POLSC 1 LibGuide

  1. Political Science Home: the current page; basic library information and guide overview.
  2. Beginning Your Research: How to locate background information and topic overviews.
  3. Finding Articles: A selection of databases for finding scholarly and non-scholarly articles in the library collection.
  4. Finding Websites: Tips and tools for finding websites appropriate for your research.
  5. Research Strategies: Tips for coming up with search terms and how to create an effective search in library databases.
  6. Citation Tips and Resources: Why and how to cite your sources.
  7. Get Help: Help chat box and contact information for further assistance.
  8. Sections: A drop-down menu of additional information provided for particular instructors’ sections.

You can use the search box above or on the Library home page to locate items both in print and online.

To limit your search to Books, click the yellow BOOKS tab before you begin your search.

Keyword search examples:

Subject search examples:

Once you have identified a title that interests you, click on the title or below that click on the Availability or Editions and Formats link. Write down the call number and location. The Shatford Library uses both the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress Classification System to organize its book collections.

  • The over News and you will be able to choose House or Senate)
  • New York Times
  • Politico (check out the Congress tab)
  • Roll Call
  • The LA Times (check out US tab and then Politics)
  1. Create a 250 word summary of your article. Make certain to include a citation. 
  2. Create 1 or 2 thought questions about the article. These should be questions that help your classmates’ think more deeply about the topic and their own perspective. Such as: 
    1. If …. happened, what do you think would happen?
    2. How should the President/Congress/the Supreme Court/the American public respond to…?
    3. Why do you think…?
    4. How do you feel about…?

For your Response to at least 2 classmates due by Sunday, 11:59 PM:

  1. Ask for clarification (that is, ask questions) if needed.
  2. Respond to the thought question making certain to refer to the information in the article summary and to add your own perspective.
  3. Please note the discussion guidelines below. If there are topics you may have differing opinions on, it is still important to respect each others’