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Implement And Monitor Care Of The Older Person


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Case Study 1

You enter Mrs Ingram’s bedroom and find her laying on floor. She is conscious and has a skin tear to left forearm

A.List the reasons why the older person is at risk of falls

B.What paperwork needs to be completed?

C.What strategies can be employed to reduce falls?

Case Study 2

For several weeks, church members noticed that Mr. Lyons, 82 years of age, had bruises, cuts and scrapes on his face, hands, and arms. Mr. Lyons always had some plausible explanation and, knowing that he was the sole caretaker for his very ill wife of 61 years, they did not press the issue.  Mr. Lyons drove himself to the hospital emergency room, over 20 miles from his home, with multiple fractures to his left arm. Staff eventually discovered that Mr. Lyons was being attacked by his wife, who was suffering from undiagnosed Alzheimer’s disease and had become combative. Mr. Lyons did not know that his wife’s behaviour was a part of the illness and was protecting her.

What are the symptoms that indicate Elder Abuse in this instance?

Case Study 3

Mary is an older person with dementia who has just been admitted to your RACF She displays some challenging behaviours including hitting and swearing

A.What are some other challenging behaviours that may be expressed by a person with dementia?

B.What are the causes of challenging behaviours and what are some nursing strategies to implement to prevent these behaviours?

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