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Hypotheses fracking causing global warming


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I need hypotheses fracking causing global warming

After defining the topic of Global Warming, refining your hypothesis, and specifying the units of analysis in the Hypothesis research stage, you will now collect scholarly articles on your refined hypothesis. The Literature Review will consist of 5-7 journal articles (each article should address the subject matter of your refined hypothesis). These articles will provide the context and background for conducting research on your refined hypothesis. During the next couple of weeks, you will be adding additional sources to this section.

This assignment may be completed in a truncated format (each article may be described separately.) In a research paper, the Literature Review would be in a narrative format with normal sentences, paragraphs, and citations (do not use the narrative format for this assignment). Additionally, there would be a logical progression from one article to the next.

Through this assessment, you are embarking on critical analysis.

The following format is required

I. Introduction: Explain the relevance of your topic. Why is it important?

II. Hypothesis: Provide your refined hypothesis statement.

III. Conceptualization: Provide the specific units of analysis that you will be using during the research project.

IV. Specific Journal Article: Provide a detailed summary of each of the 5-7 articles you have chosen. The summary should provide specific arguments, constructs, or facts that are relevant for understanding the focus of your hypothesis. Do not select articles that explain or refute global warming unless it is in the context of the refined hypothesis. In identifying each article, provide a full bibliographic listing of the article (Author, title, journal, date, and pages). This will assist in the creation of the bibliography for the final paper.

V. Summary: What are the commonalities of the 5 -7 articles? What do they tell you about the theme that you are researching? What direction do they point you to for further research?