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Human Capital Management Outline


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 Human Capital Management Outline 

Provide an outline of the sections you will include in the Human Capital Management plan for the final Portfolio Project. Under each section, please provide 2-3 sentences, including scholarly references, regarding what will be discussed. 

Portfolio Project (250 Points)

Important! Read First

Choose one of the following two assignments to complete this week. Do not do both assignments. Identify your assignment choice in the title of your submission.

Option #1: Human Capital Plan 

Identify an organization or use your own organization to design and develop a Human Capital plan that aligns with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Within your document, please include the following aspects:

  • Provide an organizational profile that includes mission/vision, and strategy of the organization
  • Identify and evaluate the current Human Capital plan

Based on your evaluation, propose a new human capital plan that includes:

  1. An explanation the new organizational staffing process for that organization
  2. A description of the entire Employee Life Cycle (ELC) for your chosen organization
  3. A complete a comprehensive workforce analysis that also depicts the internal and external environmental factors that impact the workforce plan
  4. Newly created performance standards for the workforce and also discuss how strengths and weaknesses will be effectively communicated. Be sure to discuss the performance tools that will be used to capture and track employee performance data and help management provide accurate feedback to employees.


After completing the steps above, please explain how your proposal will improve the organization’s overall performance and increase employee loyalty/commitment to the organization.

For this assignment you may want to view the Sample APA Paper (Links to an external site.) if you need guidance on how to format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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