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House and Senate


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In this lesson’s content, the term “home style” was used to refer activities that members of Congress (House and Senate) engage in to communicate with constituents and address problems and interests back in their home districts. 

Your Assignment:

Assume that you are a Congress person from your district.  Discuss what activities you would be engaged in both in Washington D.C. and back in your home district. Make sure to discuss the role of committee and sub-committee work, meeting with other politicians, drafting pieces of legislation, etc. that would occur in Washington, but also activities like meeting with constituents, answering questions, and pork-barreling back in your home district.

Writing Guidelines:

  • 2 pages, double spaced 

  • Write in complete sentences. Bullet points or lists will not be accepted.
  • Be original – All papers submitted in this class are reviewed via, a proprietary software database that identifies unoriginal material in papers. Please review the syllabus statement regarding the penalty for plagiarism.Your instructor will provide you with additional information.