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Throughout history, quality management has been considered as part of numerous diverse cultures. Actually, the history can be traced back to the ancient days in Babylonia when the king brought the idea of product quality and their liability into the development factory of the times. The funeral in Egypt of the nobility were procedurally documented. The ways in which the funerary goods and rituals were done were also placed in documents. Therefore, the documents were then considered as one of the basics of quality management that ensured stability. Anciently, in china, an order was given concerning the distribution of goods that could be used in the imperial households in that the goods were to contain a mark in order to give efficiency in tracing the goods that were produced without a mark and be punished. The merchant goods were accepted to allow the expertise standard and to state the quality that the customers are looking for.  The need for control on the quality of the products occurred in the twentieth century due to emergence of mass production.

Therefore, necessity for consistency in projectiles during the battle persuaded the demand for an additional strict quality of products.  Generally, quality management has taken part in different sector in the economy of Hong Kong. Despite these management qualities, the healthcare system in Hong Kong necessarily needs improvement as the presumption of the patients are grow at the same time. Usually, healthcare workforce in the cities is directed by the demand and supply for higher education. The existence of limited workforce in the health sector that has led to poor standards in the hospitals can be resolved through many ways. The requirements by the citizens do change as the community also evolve daily. In the ancient days, the supply for health workers was limited, but recently, there has evolved a lot of changes in the sector. Hong Kong is faced by one major problem which is the aging population that has increased the need for the health services. even though Hong Kong is highly ranked, one of the information has been given concerning the malpractices and medical accidents that has occurred in the healthy sector due to limited workforce in the sector. The authority therefore has been mandated to look into the strategy on how to reduce the accident cases thus making the quality management in the health sector being a primary function.

Malpractice in the health sector in Hong Kong is considered a harmful aspect tom the health of the patients as doctors have only looked into there personal and private gain over the custom issues by the medical ethics. The possibility in the malpractices in the health sector was driven by the increase in the aging population in addition to the healthcare connection burdens. therefore, Hong Kong set up an organization known as medical Council of Hong Kong to enable the disciplinary and registration of the medical doctors. The organization has enabled the practitioners to attend an authorized examination and go along with the recommendations of the administrators. The citizens of Hong Kong are also able to check the originality of the doctors on their profession from the organizational social platform and also deliver their complains in case of the misconduct by the doctors. The MCHK report has enabled people to know the available complaints that are not limited to the affairs of false medical certificate, mismanagement of the patients’ data and bad behaviours to the patients. Some of the complaints re takes no notice of professional role of the patients like inappropriate drug prescription and dissatisfying treatment results.

Educational background of the health practitioners is of a greater importance to the health sector as teaching them will enable guidance to the medical staffs in order to check on the conduct and response of them to diverse circumstances. It will also enable them to have respect to the rights of the patients, increase their advantage, make them become aware of integrity and non-discrimination, free fr5om harm and become honest.  Delegation of authorities to the doctors will lead to higher moral quality presumed from the patients. To enable trust of the patients, the medical assistants should have a greater knowledge on the morals of medicine. Therefore, education on medicals should instruct the learners with the exact actions and attitudes when they face malpractices in medical.

Being that the patient’s health record are important to doctors and nurses, the invention of the electronic health record has enabled efficient keeping of those records. These practitioners are therefore able to understanding the physical and health condition of their patients from the records. Upon visiting the public hospitals in Hong Kong, the medical experts will be able to l know the state of your health.  This is due to the existence of clinical medical structure in Hong Kong hospital authority that enables the maintenance of the patients records that are not restricted to the reports from the laboratory to look into discharge notes and appointments after the functioning’s.  some of the importance of electronic health records is that helps in the achievement of consistent healthcare, self-management of the patients, and support on the care of the patients. Given that the healthcare private providers may face comprehensive management and administrative problems in the functioning of the clinics with nonexistence of the clinical management system, the government of Hong Kong established some of two systems. These systems that are provided by the private health providers for free enables them to manage the flow of the work and the clinical records. clinical a management system on ramp that has been established by the government to the clinical centres on the local region gives access to a minimal investment cost for the refunction HCP. The system encourages clinical and administrative management in the health units starting from the registratio9n of the patients and appointments, documentations on the clinical data, drugs prescription and dispensary to the control of the stock. The system also allows the registration of private health providers to distribute clinical information of the patients with the consent sharing on the patients. The clinical management system on ramp complies with the economic management system security, her quality of data and requirements of system internal operations.

The malpractices in the hospitals have been reduced due to the reliability on the clinical data. Through the use of the clinical management system the health practitioners are able to share information on the patient’s information and progress by looking into the necessary information required such as allergy on drugs. These challenges can be reduced through the use of the information’s thus reducing misconducts in the facilities.  Electronic management system can enable one to get valid affairs thus the system needs to be easy reach to obtain them. Hong Kong clinical management systems authority are accessible by the professionals and the needed staffs. the medical staffs are only able to obtain the records upon appointments scheduled. Therefore, the government   of Hong Kong looks into providing enough protection to their patient’s privacy and he magnify the standard of healthcare given to the patients.

The main critical constraint on achieving better health to the patients is the supply of manpower. Health status of individual are influenced by numerous elements. Apart from the genetic make up of a person, other factors that also affects the life of an individual are, networks in the society, housing system and the environment. Diverseness in either rural or urban environment, poverty or wealth, education or chances of getting a job also influence the health of an individual. Hong Kong therefore has a vital comparison on the health system over other western nations and also has a similarity with the hospital-based care to that of US and UK. Despite the existence of the culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine, individuals in Hong Kong values the western medicine to be precise over the TCM especially for acute health challenges. As the specialist of the western medicine in Hong Kong utilize the TCM for their own health, they do not recommend their patients to get treatment through the use of TCM. All the public hospitals in Hong Kong are overseen and managed by the hospital authorities. The health system in Hong Kong is faced by the rising demand that is caused by the growing aging population, shortages of staffs such as nurses, health professionals, and physicians, and the increase in the record of those waiting to access the healthcare services. The objective of the hospital authority is to maintain the competent and skilled employees, develop on the access to the health services, expand capacity of the services, provide services of higher standard and the security of the patients.  In some of the western nations, health professionals including occupational therapy and physiotherapy have gotten promotions with their professional roles expanded to issue out the limited practitioners on the primary care units.

 Hong Kong’s health policy has therefore been determined by health policy by persuading on the view on hierarchy of professional. Medical services are sometimes under resourced and this will lead to the shortage of the medical professionals in future. The projected public hospitals will need 6200 medical staffs by 2041 for the maintenance of same service level of today. For the problem to be solved, the government has therefore given an ordinance to the two medical schools in the city to expand the medical school graduates count to 420 in 2018. Some of the added strategies placed would also increase the age of retirement for the medical staffs from 60-65 years. And enable the doctors from the oversees to obtain jobs from the public hospitals on a valid temporary authorization that is renewed yearly by the medical council. There is also a limited access to the practice of foreign trained specialists in that they are mandated to apply for the registration by excelling in the three exams and engage in a 12-month training before the occurrence of registration. In order to improve on the efficiency of in managing the complaints, the specialists should have a reform that explains the composition of the medical council.

Health professionals are usually held responsible for the provision of evidence-based care at agreed cost. For the primary healthcare to be obtained in a place where there is shortage of the medical staffs, health care professionals and nurses can occupy the space to cover for the services that should be done. The professionals are known as the primary care providers and usually gives their profession a standardised social status with the care to the patients. Hong Kong government has then established a workforce that would raise the functions of a physiotherapists in the hospitals and to check whether there would be a modification on the referral system.  That would enable the population to receive better services and also enable improvement on the services provided despite the overall shortage of the staffs. The cut cost and increase profit strategy in Hong Kong allows the government to reduce the medical staff’s turnover and grow the population of the medical partners through additional medical trainings.

The government first strategy is to expand the university degree in the healthcare sector. This would increase the average number of the medical staffs graduate annually. The government has also evaluated the trained specialists from abroad on oncology and medical department that has attracted many specialists from the oversees to get jobs in Hong Kong for thy only require a good decree on the authorized exams and work for 3 years in the medical sector to get an internship in Hong Kong. The government also has developed the special retired and rehire scheme that has attracted many retired health specialists to come back to the public hospitals and train the learning healthcare employees. The scheme is considered to be effective in the solving of the limited supply of human resource in the hospitals. This is due to unnecessary wastage of time on re training the retired employees in that they are able to successfully do their job. The youngsters who are the current medical and nursing students can also get used to the job environment thus saving the adoption time and complete their studies. These strategies would enable a better supply of the healthcare specialists but can also lead to reduced quality of the staffs.

The hospital authority has established in every group a quality and safety division that would help in activities such as the security to the patients, quality and standards and effectiveness of the clinics. This is to enable the maintenance of a good standard of the services. The major performance is usually centred on the engagement and relation of the patients in that they hold onto the feedbacks given by the patients to be productive in obtaining healthcare services that are patient centred. The authority also uses the patient experience survey that helps in measuring the quality of service to the patients inthat they would mind knowing if the services are of the patient’s presumption.

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