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Health Workers Motivation Strategies Essay


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Health care administration companies play a significant role in enhancing the well-being of individuals and the society. The fact that the previous managers exhibited lackluster performance implies that not only were the employees demoralized and underperforming, but the company’s clients were not getting value for their money. As such, the entire society dependent on the healthcare administration services of this particular company. However, the new manager who has taken up the role held by the previous manager has noticed that employee performance and morale are below par. This assessment illustrates how the new manager can motivate the health administration company’s employees towards satisfied clientele and a healthy society. This paper will also discuss opportunities for employee education and training, and how the promotion of lifelong learning in the workplace can bring about a positive change for the new manager and the employees.

For staff, open communication channels with senior management and good working relations with supervisors is vital and as such, plays a significant role in determining the failure or success of an organization (Manson, 2014). In an effort to improve the morale of his staff and by extension, their performance, there is the need to realign communication channels towards improving the performance of subordinates. By opening up communication channels, he will be in a position to learn of what challenges the employees faced under the manager, implement actions to encourage and reinforce consistency in good performance (Manson, 2014).

After opening up communication channels and getting views from the employee, the new manager should embark on implementing sustainable programs towards boosting staff morale and more so, their productivity (Manson, 2014). As such, he should work towards capitalizing on all available opportunities aimed at boosting morale and appraising performance. Given that performance is a function of motivation as well as ability. Ability can be described as the coupling of organizational resources and know how while motivation can be termed as the willingness to professionally and skillfully carry out assigned duties (Manson, 2014). In an effort to boost his staff morale, the manager should endeavor to appreciate good performance by instituting a transparent reward scheme.

To realize this end, the new manager should embark on ensuring all staff in his department feels that the role assigned to them is inherently high in purpose (Scott, 2009). As such, the manager should communicate to the employees the need for a training and education strategy that will foster lifelong learning. The employee training and education program aimed at improving their performance, ensure greater job satisfaction, enhance job quality and by extension improve morale (Manson, 2014). The education and training strategy will also aim at fostering lifelong learning for personal as well as professional development. The education and training strategy encompassing lifelong learning will ensure the organization retains a professional workforce committed to meeting the organization’s goals in a positive manner. It will therefore translate to an overall positive change in the organization. This will benefit not only the manager but the employees as well.

As this paper has provided, low morale leads to low employee productivity which is detrimental to organizational performance. Improving the effectiveness as well as efficiency of communication channels will allow for the manager to implement a strategy aimed at boosting staff morale, thereby appraising employee productivity. Through an education and training strategy aimed at lifelong learning, the manager is bound to improve staff performance levels, boosting their morale and by extension, improve the company’s overall performance.




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