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Health And Homeostasis


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Your analysis of the clinical case scenario will be assessed based on your ability to correctly and logically identify the tissues and organs involved in the case as well as to clearly explain the physiological processes that link the signs and symptoms with the affected tissues and organs. Adherence to the instructions about the layout and protocol for preparing and completing the task will also be assessed. Your responses to the questions should be sufficiently supported by references. Please refer to the rubric

Questions to answer in your report: Each set has three clinical case scenarios. For each CASE, please answer the following questions (see template given)

(1) In the clinical case scenario, which symptoms (experienced by the patient like chest pain) and signs (observed by another person like swelling or redness) are consistent with the diagnosis?

(2) Given the symptoms and signs in the clinical case scenario, which organs, tissues and/or body parts are involved or affected by the homeostatic disturbance?

(3) What processes are involved that can explain the homeostatic disturbance/s in the clinical case scenario?

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