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Guide for Research Paper on Modern Art/Architecture 1900-1940


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Paper Instructions10-12 double-spaced pages of text plus illustrations. App. 3,000 words not counting figure captions, footnotes, bibliography. Papers should be illustrated, typed and stapled.

Deadline for research papers (no extensions): noon, Tues., December 11, 2018

Ryder 239 (Art + Design office), Richardson mailbox.

Late papers will be downgraded. Missing papers receive an F for the project. No documentation or plagiarism results in an F for the course.

E-mail papers not accepted.

In addition to the books on reserve at Snell, the databases listed below are good places to begin your scholarly research. Don’t worry when you find contradictory information. Some artists have had generations of people interpreting their narratives to fit their own needs. Instead wonder what each conflicting narrative suggests and try to find the common ground between them. Also check area libraries.

Oxford Art Online (Grove Dictionary of Art) – for general background. Do not use this as a source for your paper; start here to find a basic bibliography.

JSTOR, a research database for scholarly periodicals

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

ArtSTOR image database for good quality images

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