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Greenhouse Effect Essay-340 Words


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The Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse effect is the condition that arises when the equivocal earth`s temperature increases beyond the average level. This condition is contributed by various greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur hexafluoride, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor and chlorofluorocarbons. However, the accumulation of these gases is contributed by both natural and human factors such as burning of fossil fuels and mining (Anup, 2013). This paper pays high attention to the analysis of how this greenhouse effect works, and its impact to humans.

Greenhouse gases forms a blanket on the earth`s surface that prevents ultra violet rays from escaping from the earth`s planet (Anup, 2013). This means that when the level of these gases is high, the rate at which the earth losses solar radiations in the atmosphere is less compared to the rate at which the earth could have lost the same solar radiations in the absence or when the level of these greenhouse gases is low. This makes the earth`s temperature be higher than the average level (Science in Action, 2012). Numerous studies shows that the earth`s temperatures has been increasing at an alarming rate since the industrial revolution, as this has resulted to increasingly use of fossil fuels, one of the core source of carbon dioxide.

This greenhouse effect is harmful to human health, and the health of most other living organisms. For example, greenhouse effect leads to global warming, which has numerous adverse effects. It contributes to melting of polar ice caps, and this leads to flooding of lowland areas. In addition, global warming leads to the emergence and re-emergence of diseases and parasites. It also causes drought and famine, which threats human and animals to severe starvation and death (Science in Action, 2012). To avoid this, human beings need to shun away from activities that contributes to the increase of greenhouse gases, such as the use of renewable energy.


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