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Going Mobile Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire


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Going Mobile Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire

Part I

“Disneyland is not always the happiest place on earth” (P. 175)

I found this quote being due to a number of aspects. First, I don’t there is any place which can be described as the happiest on earth especially due to the fact that there are not perfect attributes which can be used to measure or evaluate whether a particular place is happiest than another. In addition, I strongly believe that a place can be interesting to one individual but be dull and boring to another, especially due to the fact that human beings have different tastes and preferences. For example, one individual can claim that a particular place is the best in terms of fun since it is equipped with features which he or she likes the most, such as music or beach. At the same time, another person may hate such a place since he or she does not like loud music or he has phobia for a pool of water.

“Part the waters” (P. 177)

I found this quote being important since it portrays what most of the young generations in the present world are lacking. Precisely, age is no longer perceived as a consideration of showing respect to others. The manner in which it has been used aims at showing that the students have been enlightened concerning ways and importance of showing respect to the elderly population. In the present word, very few youths who can sacrifice themselves and give an elderly person their seat in a public vehicle or in a health facility. They always argue that it is everybody for himself, and no one ought to be treated special regardless of age or his or her physiological condition.

“My favorite thing about Washington is that Rafe took good care of me.” (P. 187)

I found thing quote being important especially due to the fact that it is sad to find that the young, fragile and sweet girl rarely enjoyed the trip and this is the core reason why she never had anything substantial she learnt or made her happy. I strongly believe that any academic trip ought to make students not only happy, but also better than they were initially, especially by learning different places, interacting with individuals who are used to life, and more importantly, physical interaction and encountering with of the things that they theoretically learn in class.

“Even if you may not be my real dad…you always played a father figure in my life” (P. 189)

I found this statement being important since there very few men who can be this nice to young boys and girls in the contemporary world. Actually, most middle aged men have been taking advantage of young girls in the society, especially by luring them with money and other sorts of pleasures, and this is the core reason why there are numerous cases where men are having sexual affairs with girls who are young enough to be their daughters. Numerous cases have been reported where male teachers sexually abuse their female students, and this is very sad. I am happy for Rafe, since he is a rare resource not only to the teaching profession, but also to the society as a whole.

Part II

What does this text entail?

This text encompasses how teachers should prepare their students before, during, and after trip. In addition, the text entails how teachers can make students benefit from various academic trips that they may be having while in school. Consecutively, the text aims at sensitizing students on how they should behave during the trip.

What do you think about the ideas in the text?

The ideas in the text are quite encouraging to both the teachers and the students. For example, teachers are advised on how they should prepare their students before the trip, in order to ensure that the latter benefits from the trip. For example, it is necessary for teachers to buy travel guide books in order to familiarize their students on what to expect during the trip, as this would enhance their suspense or curiosity of their learning. In addition, the text also advises teachers on how to mold the behavior of students in the life outside classrooms, including ensuring that each pays a minimum amount and allowing them to take care of their expenses such as diets. In addition, the text emphasizes the importance of teachers building trust with students.

What the text means to you?

Since in the near future I will be a teacher, and I am highly likely to find myself taking my students to academic trips, I would ensure that they enjoy and benefit maximally from these trips. In order to achieve this, I will ensure that I prepare my students earlier in advance concerning what the trips will entail, the expected behaviors and practices, as well as building trust with them in order for them to not only trust me, but also adhere to my advices. Actually, the preparations for the trips would always be extensive and in-depth in order to ensure that I don’t leave anything to chances. This would include orienting students on how to use a busy road, hotel rooms, and associating with individuals that they meet on those trips. In addition, during the trips, I would ensure do a lot of listening and giving advises when necessary.



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