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Global Prophets and Philosophers Essay


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Global Prophets and Philosophers


Manifesto of the Communist was written by Marx. It portrays some ideas that are of great importance today.

A European woman would view the ideas that are put across by the manifesto as ideas that were viable in the eighteenth century but very impractical today. She would not agree to the ideas due to several reasons discussed below.

First, one of the aims of Communists is to organize people in a way that they would develop their powers in absolute freedom without infringing on society’s conditions[1]. This is not possible on the grounds that the European woman has been brought up in a world of individualism where she has been taught to work on her own without depending on other people to achieve her goals.

Communism is a concept that is quite difficult to achieve for a European woman. It is not easy for one who has achieved much to give it away easily. This is the basic nature of any person in existence today. Since a European woman is a subset of the set, it makes it valid to inference that she would not agree with Marx and Engels’ ideology.

According to Communism, there is an ideology that you cannot separate happiness of an individual from the happiness of all people. A normal European woman derives happiness from gadgets like computers and phones. She does not view real people as the source of happiness but she likes using social media[2].

With all that in mind, it is understood that a European woman would totally disagree with Marx and Engel’s ideology.



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