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(Get answer) C228 Sentinel City Simulation Task 1



C228 Sentinel City Simulation Task 1

DAY 6-9                                 Task 1

Sentinel City will allow you to learn critical thinking and reasoning skills in a community health experience. It will also provide the opportunity to explore some of the many determinants of health contributing to the health status of members of a simulated city before applying these concepts in C229 where you will assess your own community.

You will be credited for a total of 25 hours; Sentinel City simulation (20 hrs) and Bentonville simulation (5hrs). (There is no need to record or track your time spent in the simulations).

Within your course under Assessments, Task 1-View Task, you will find task requirements/directions. The assessment tools required to complete data collection in Sentinel City (SC) can be found under “Supporting Documents” link. Also, in this section you will find a link to “Approved Activities List” to complete section C-3.

1: Demographics, Neighborhood Safety, Scavenger Hunt

2: Windshield Survey

These tools help you gather data on the SC community to then discuss in your paper.  You will not submit these tools for evaluation. You will summarize the findings in your task 1 needs assessment.

  • Demographics Assessment
  • Neighborhood Community Safety Inventory
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Windshield Survey

 Please carefully follow steps 1-3 in section 6.1 of your COS.

Now that you have reviewed the task requirements and Sentinel City guide you are ready to begin! Sentinel City can be found under Lesson 6 Simulation. (Link found in section 6.1)

Print this list so you know where you will need to go once you start in the simulation.  You will be required to visit these 12 designated sites within Sentinel City.

  • Interfaith Church of Sentinel City
  • Better Health Clinic
  • Sentinel City Department of Transportation
  • Sentinel City School District
  • ABC Daycare
  • Sentinel City Affordable Housing Project
  • City Hall
  • Radio BUZZ 96.5FM
  • Sentinel City Healthcare System (Hospital)
  • Lily’s
  • Joe’s Grocery
  • Sentinel City Department of Parks and Recreation

DAY 10-13

GOAL: Your goal is to spend time in the simulation collecting the data necessary to complete the assessment tools and to take photos of the 12 required sites listed above. This is your data gathering phase. Our recommendation is to add a label for each location if a sign is not present for identification of the site.

Now you are ready to start the simulation!

While visiting these 12 sites in Sentinel City you will be required to stop and take a picture of  each location. There is a small camera icon located in the upper right hand corner of the simulation screen that will allow you to take a picture. A Photo Journal will be generated when pictures are taken.  Save the Photo Journal as a PDF to your Desktop to be submitted with task 1.

Your paper includes sections B through D.

Section B.  Write a summary of your findings from the needs-assessment tools.

This section is a summary of the findings from: Demographics Assessment, Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory, Windshield Survey, and Population Health Scavenger Hunt. Remember the data will come from your observations and the data sets within Sentinel City.

Note: The name of each of the four tools should be identified along with a brief summary of how each of the tools were used in the needs assessment.

B 1. Analyze the collected data using concepts of epidemiology and health determinants.

Refer to these 3 sections of your COS for additional information:

Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Epidemiological Data

Application of Epidemiology

Your goal is to choose about 4-5 health concerns you identified in section B. Prove that each of these are significant health concerns by discussing your collected data. Discuss contributing factors/variables within SC that may be adding to each health concern.

C 1. Identify three top health concerns in Sentinel City based on your findings from section B-1.  Discuss why each problem (health concern) is relevant.

Click HERE to access the HP20/20 topics.

Each identified health concern will be aligned with a related Healthy People 2020 objective or goal. See linked HP 2020 video here for further explanation.

Healthy People 2020 Video Link

C 2. Choose ONE of the three problems from C1 that you believe is a significant health concern in Sentinel City. Discuss community resources (e.g., Sentinel City™ Affordable Housing Project, Better Health Clinic) that are available to address this #1 health concern.

C 3. Identify a primary prevention topic based on the problem/concern selected in C2. This primary prevention topic must come from the approved activities/topics list.  Approved Activities List is located in the Task 1 Directions under Supporting Documents. (This is the same list that you will use to select your primary prevention topic for c229. You do not have any field work requirement to complete for c228). (APA requires at least 2 sentences to complete a paragraph).

You will not necessarily use the same topic in C229, since your home community may have different health needs.

Section D. Review what you learned from the (four) assessment strategies used in Sentinel City. Next, discuss how you can apply this knowledge to assess your own community.

Section E. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

Note: How do I cite Sentinel City?:

Healthcare Learning Innovations (Sentinel City) [Computer Software]. (2018). Aurora, Co. Retrieved fromhttp://wgu.ucertify.com/

In-text citation:

(Healthcare Learning Innovations, 2018)

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