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Food Insecurity in the United States

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Food Insecurity in the United States

            Step One

Marginalized communities require a sustainable food system the meets the needs of the population. The article provides an overview of the impact of food insecurity on low-income residents in the United States, such as in Bloomington. To achieve a sustainable food system in marginalized communities, such as Bloomington County, can address issues of hunger and malnutrition through initiatives that address the disparities of the community at large. According to Strickhouser (2016), the United States is among the population struggling with the challenge of food security, where approximately 17.5 million households in the United States are food insecure. According to the Federal Reports, these populations suffer the problem of food insecurity due to the social policies that lead to disparities resulting from the social classes. Bloomington has two food deserts, and the social quality controls the majority of the food sources. Places such as these experience food insecurity, resulting in the community due to the lack of healthy food.

In the United States, there is the challenge of food insecurity because of the income disparities but not because of the lack of food sources. People in marginalized areas experience food insecurity due to inequalities in the distribution of income. Therefore, income disparities the main cause of food insecurity among residents of the United States, leading to inadequate access to nutritious food. People living in the United States have wealth that would allow them access to food, but the lack of access to healthy food is due to political income distribution and societal biases. Despite the higher income capabilities of most residents in the United States, the cost of food relative to incomes of a certain population is making it difficult for the population to secure enough food for their general needs.

Many communities, marginalized communities, in particular, lack access to healthy food. In addition, poor infrastructure, together with control of food sources, creates areas with food sources, preventing communities from accessing adequate quality food that meets the needs of populations. The article discusses the problem that food security is becoming a challenge because of those people controlling the distribution and access to food in many areas. Therefore, food is developing into a crisis in the United States because of the controlling powers but not due to the shortage of food. Thus, there are needs for social policies that will address these social disparities impact on food security. 

Step 2

Karl Max theory on conflict explains that there is a constant conflict in society due to the warring extremes because of the disparities as well as competition for limited resources. Lack of equilibrium in society leads to frequent conflicts in the society; thus, resulting in a lack of social order. As a result, the dominant power exerts control over resources through control because there is an absence of consensus in such a society. I have developed the meaning of this issue because the social class is control access to food cause the marginalized in the communities suffer. The lack of access to quality food leads to politics between those who control the distribution and those requiring access.

Part 3

Policymakers need to work with food-insecure populations in working on the differences that communities face. According to the article, it is important to consider eliminating income disparities because it is the source of power struggle within American communities. It is believed that working with the food insecure population will reduce the challenge of food insecurity in many communities in the US.


Strickhouser, S. (2016). Food Insecurity, Social Inequality, and Social Policy.

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