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Food Beverages American Fast Food Restaurants


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Question description

choice a food and beverage company that you would like analyze.

Using the company you choiced, analyze their major uses of social media and answer the following questions.

Answers must be thorough and include detailed support of your decision. A simple yes/no answer or statement will no be sufficient.

Answers should be a paragraph each (3 – 5 sentences).

1. Which major forms of social media are they using?

2. What has been the most significant post in each of these sites?

3. What is their main use for the social media (drive guest count, hiring, new store opening, new products, etc)

4. After reading the cost involved with budgeting for Social Media management, how would you address the need to manage this for you business? Would you handle this job yourself or by hiring an internal person or would you contract it out? How would you substantiate the costs involved with your decision?