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Final IAL Proposal


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Read the Integrated Action Learning Project description linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading.

In this assessment, submit your final IAL proposal. Remember, your IAL proposal is the culmination of all of your work in this class and in your program of study. This proposal should be a demonstration of the knowledge and expertise you have gained, and it should be well organized and concisely written. In the business environment, people do not generally have time for flowery language or documents that take forever to get to the point. Your proposal should be direct and clear and cover all outlined areas.

Reflection and Next Steps

  • What are the biggest areas of change from your initial project ideas about your project to your final project proposal?
  • What key information caused you to change your approach?
  • What are the most important things you have learned so far in creating your final project proposal?
  • What is the most important takeaway for you from your experience in the integrated action learning project that you might apply to a future project in your field?
  • What do you hope to do with the knowledge you have developed in this class and your program of study?
  • Is there any advice you would give to someone starting this course or starting the BS IT program?

As you worked through your project, you gained new information through research and a hands-on approach. This likely resulted in a re-evaluation of and adjustment to your original thoughts and ideas about your proposal. As you revise and prepare to submit your final project proposal, write a reflection in which you address the following questions:

Final Proposal Submission

Once you have completed the reflection, compile the following components into a single, cohesive executive communication document that is your project proposal. Refer to the Integrated Action Learning Project description linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading and to Assessments 1–5 for specific information on each component.

Note that the components in the project proposal that have already been assessed will not be assessed again but still must be included in the final document.

  • Executive summary.
  • Organization and site supervisor selection.
  • Environmental scan.
  • Literature review.
  • Self-assessment and description.
  • Action learning process summary.
  • Solution(s) analysis.
  • Needs and risk analysis.
  • Legal, ethical, and policy analysis.
  • Reflection.

To properly cover the information outlined in the project proposal that you have been working with throughout the course, your project proposal will be ten to twelve pages long and should include at least ten resources cited in proper APA style.

Additional Requirements

  • Formatting: Format resources according to APA (6th edition) style.