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Film ending scene of Black swan.


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Paper Instructions

Between a few differ essay question from the file attached below, I chose the question “Discuss what is required to give closure. Analyze the ending of one of the films we have seen in this module carefully as part of your discussion.*”

and I chose “Black Swan”

Essay 2 guidelines

Your essay should be 3000 words in length (with a 10% leeway) and counts for 45% of your final grade. You must include a bibliography and the word count. References must be set out in accordance with academic conventions. Please consult the Student Handbook.

Essay questions (choose one):

1. What is the difference between a narrator and a focalizer? Discuss this through a careful analysis of Rashomon.

2.  Using relevant academic literature, discuss in what sense fiction film can be said always to have a narrator. *

3. Discuss what is required to give closure. Analyse the ending of one of the films we have seen in this module carefully as part of your discussion.*

4. David Bordwell claims that art cinema foregrounds the author. Explore how art film does this through a discussion of Happiness, or another film we have seen in this module that you would argue is, or borrows from, art cinema.*

5. Does any of the films we have seen on this module have an unreliable narrator? Choose one film and discuss through careful analysis of the narration, and making use of Seymour Chatman’s exploration of unreliable narration.*

* You must choose a film we’ve seen in this module (including the required and recommended films to watch at home). If you choose a film from before the independent study week, it cannot be the film you wrote your first essay about.

Deadline Monday January 14th at noon

Please submit your work through Turnitin BEFORE the deadline 

Please remember to complete the School of Arts Assignment Cover Sheet –

If you are unable to submit your work prior to the deadline please refer to the Student Handbook or the Current Student pages on the School of Arts website A mark of 0% will be awarded for late or non-submission of work.

Work submitted through Turnitin is matched against a database of previously submitted work from every institution which subscribes to Turnitin, (including international institutions); current and archived internet pages and databases of journals and periodicals. Each instance of matching is then examined individually by the seminar leader for full and correct referencing.  If the seminar leader suspects that a piece of work has been plagiarised it will be sent to the School of Arts Senior Tutor for consideration. Suspected plagiarism is dealt with in accordance with Annex 10 of the University’s Credit Framework