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FDN002 Foundation Project Essay


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Foundation Project

Weighting – 100% of the marks for this module, Foundation Project (FND002)

This is an individual assignment of 2,400 words. (+ or – 10%)

One assignment with Task 1 as Project proposal (2000 words) and Reflection essay (400 words) Students are required to submit their assignments through Turnitin on Canvas for marking.

Only assignments submitted through Canvas will be marked.


You must submit ONE‐Word document for the entire assignment

Task 1: Project proposal (2000 words)

Identify a topic area, related to your degree programme, and produce a proposal for a research project. The proposal must cover key areas of a research project and further apply critical thinking and writing skills in your project. The proposal must include the following structure however your allocated word count may differ:


  • INTRODUCTION (450 words) which must include:
  • Background‐ This should tell the reader why the research is important and what problem the research is trying to solve.

•          Aim

  • Objectives of the project

•          Research questions

  • LITERATURE REVIEW (650 words),
  • PROPOSED ANALYSIS (350 words)

Task 2a: Reflection essay (300 words)

You are required to write 300‐word essay as reflection of knowledge and skills gained on this module. This should cover the following:

  • What you think the module is about
  • What you have learnt from the module
  • What went well during this module
  • The challenges you had with the module
  • What could have been done differently

Task 2b: Timescale and resources (100 words)

Provide proposed timescale (use a Gantt chart) and resources needed for this project.

Table 1: Applied Penalties for Exceeding the word count.

Word limitPenaltyActual Word Count
Exceeds limit by up to 10%   (see below) 2420No penalty – tolerance band 
Exceeds limit by 10.1‐20%‐5%2421 – 2640
Exceeds limit by 20.1‐30%‐10 %2641 ‐ 2860
Exceeds limit by 30.1‐40%‐15 %2861 ‐ 3020
Exceeds limit by 40.1‐50%‐20 %3021 ‐ 3300
Exceeds limit by more than 50%Mark of zero3301+

The learning outcomes for this module assessed by this piece of work are: Knowledge

  • Comprehend processes to access and assess information relevant to a student’s programme of study;
  • Show an awareness of the ethical considerations relevant to the degree programme of study.


  • Employ basic project management skills to ensure successful completion of a project relevant to a student’s degree programme of study;
  • Research information and/or data relevant to the degree programme of study;
  • Deliver a presentation related to relevant to the degree programme of study.

Assessment Criteria

Your seminar tutor on the basis of the following generic criteria will assess the paper:

Assessment Regulations

For further information regarding Assessment Regulations, extenuating circumstances or extensions and academic integrity, please refer to your Programme

Handbook on the University of Sunderland in London information page on Canvas.

Reading List

Please access your reading list from the library website. To access it, please go to https://moduleresources.sunderland.ac.uk/ and search for your module.

Submission guidelines

Your submission will be on your module space on Canvas. Please refer to the ‘General Assessment Guidance’ under the Assignment tab, for detailed instructions on how to submit and how to check for your marks and feedback.


Your mark and feedback will be made available to you electronically once the internal moderation has taken place, which is after 4 weeks from your submission deadline.  


The University is committed to the universal academic standard, which requires that students must not submit materials which contain someone else’s work without appropriate acknowledgement.  

By submitting, you confirm that the work you submit is your own and that you have read and understood the guide to academic integrity and academic misconduct. 

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