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Fashion Nova Company Essay


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Brief overview

Fashion Nova is a company, which focuses on manufacture and selling of clothing endorsed. More importantly, it uses online networks to retail these products. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and has a workforce of over 600 employees (Miranda, 2018). Through its workers, the firm produces approximately 500 new clothing designs each week. It also utilizes social media campaigns for product promotions and connecting with customers (Michielin, 2017).

Social media presence

Social media has revolutionized business marketing and communication. Fashion Nova seeks to utilize opportunities offered through the social media (La Vecchia, 2017). In the past three years, the company has increased its followers in platforms such as Instagram to over 6.9 million. Notably, the firm utilized the social media and celebrity influence to create a quick-fashion domain (Miranda, 2018). Some of the key celebrities who have validated its products include Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Cardi B. The organization posts photos of a celeb wearing some of its reputable brands on Instagram feeds. It fills its follower’s feeds with different pictures of their items and other publicity content. In so doing, it is able to attract many potential consumers by being available in areas where the young girls can access them (Michielin, 2017). In addition, by using social media, it seeks to achieve fashion inspiration in its marketing.

Instagram is a visual network. Therefore, it is an active area to communicate and link with consumers regularly. The company’s brand has been established on the idea that individual do not use the conventional platforms for fashion inspiration any longer (Michielin, 2017). For instance, the current generation rarely use magazines for fashion inspiration since they are considered archaic particularly on the majority of its customers (La Vecchia, 2017). In this case, women aged between 18 and 25 years do use modern media for communication. Moreover, Fashion Nova is conversant that the main fashion inspiration for most women is generated from Instagram feeds (Miranda, 2018).

Fashion Nova has certainly applied the fact that persons are regularly observing new trends in designs and fashion through Instagram (La Vecchia, 2017). Therefore, this is a vital notion that uninterruptedly drives businesses forward. The impression of their brand is that it helps the customer to imitate new fashion on social media sites at affordable prices (Michielin, 2017). In most cases, women want to be like celebrities when they are making decisions on what they need to purchase.

Competitive analysis

The competitiveness of the brand is determined by its desire to establish cost-effective option for its customers to buy celebrity-motivated fashion so that they can emulate the styles of notable personalities (Michielin, 2017). Its competitive strength is further enhanced by its ability to use social media platforms such as Instagram, which enables the company to take the brand nearer to its consumers on a personal level. In this regard, it has advanced networks where brand frequently links with its customers (Miranda, 2018). For instance, the application of the “#fashion nova” assists their consumers to demonstrate how they are wearing their brands.  Over the recent past, the company is able to interact with customers more than its rivals are. In this regard, customers are able to comment and like on company’s posts and vice versa. For this reason, it helps to bring the customers and the company to a personal level (La Vecchia, 2017). Conversely, paying for advertisements on TVs or magazines cannot achieve this level of success.


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