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Famous leader

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 For this assignment, you are asked to complete three important tasks toward your research paper: Prepare a title page, write an APA introductory passage on your selected research paper topic, and prepare a references page. Title Page First, create the title page for your paper using APA 6th edition style guidelines. Introduction Next, select a famous leader to serve as the topic of your paper. The leader should be famous-to some degree-in order for enough resources to be available about this leader. (You may want to complete the references page for your assignment first; just to be sure that sufficient, acceptable, and useful sources are available about the leader before you make a definite decision about which leader to choose.) Then, draft a 100-word passage to introduce the leader. What is special about that leader? Why or for what is this leader best known? Overall, what type of leader is he or she? Cite your four sources within the passage. Your Introduction should be written in APA format. For the introduction, you may draw from the initial ideas you presented in this week’s discussion board. While the discussion forum is conversational, the research paper should be formal and should not include the word “I.” The research paper, including its introductory passage, should be a synthesis of information you gather from resources with a minimum of one citation per paragraph. (See the video that explains this assignment for more information.) References Page Finally, create the references page for your paper. For this assignment, obtain a minimum of four references (or sources) about the leader you selected, and create a references page in APA style. You will add references to this list throughout the course as we examine specific leadership theories. By the end of the course, you should have a minimum of 10 references/sources. Acceptable sources include journal articles, books, and e-books obtained through the Waldorf Online Library. The only Internet source that may be used is the leader’s personal web site or their organization’s web site. If you would like to use another internet source, check with the professor first. Do not use encyclopedias, including Wikipedia. A maximum of two YouTube videos (or videos from other sources) may be used if they meet one of the following requirements: (a) The video is a primary source, meaning that the video shows the leader speaking or behaving in some way.(b) The video includes interviews of people close to the leader. (c) The video is a documentary, based on credible research. Watch the tutorials included in Unit I for information on how to create a references page using APA style. For additional questions, please feel free to contact a Waldorf librarian. If you have trouble finding sources, contact your professor. The professor may suggest either speaking with a librarian or changing your topic.