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Faith Integration and Team Player Essay


Faith Integration and Team Player

From a personal standpoint, I believe that the Bible as the word of God offers blueprints which if integrated to day to day activities brings about unprecedented success. Through the Jesus life and his mission, one is able to perceive that form a team as a basic organizational structure offers significant benefits that makes it of strategic importance to every modern day believer (Keathley, 2004). From reading the Bible, it is clear that three strategies work well towards achieving good outcomes, these includes the appreciation for team work, servant leadership, and delegation.

Team Work

As provided in 1 Corinthians 12, Christ’s church functions as a team requiring each member to cooperate towards a common agenda, building up the body of Christ. There are instances where a team member may cause serious strain in the unity of a team but as mature team players, it is prudent to couch for forgiveness, understanding, and restoration (Keathley, 2004). This is clearly displayed in Colossians 3: 1-17 as Paul encouraged believers to forgive one another just as Christ forgave them.

Servant leadership

Jesus advanced a radical form of leadership which involved a hands-on approach to ensuring followers aligned to a common vision. Jesus opted to form his organization or team from common folks yet the success they achieved were tremendous (Keathley, 2004). He trained the laymen by understanding that each had unique gifts that if properly channeled could benefit all in the team toward achieving objectives (Keathley, 2004). Each team player is therefore unique in manner of gifting apportioned to him but through servant leadership is guided to understanding how it works to edify the efforts of the entire team.


In Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12, it is evident that team work is a biblical principle that benefits all involved. Delegating involves sharing responsibilities in a manner that overcomes challenges associated with only one person bearing all responsibilities of a team (Keathley, 2004). Each team player is vulnerable to human ineffectiveness but through delegation, mutual support allows for the team’s burden to be shared out in a way that encourages a wholehearted cause for unity.




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