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Factors that Influence Buying Behavior


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Two factors that influence my buying behavior


Consumer purchasing behaviour refers to the steps taken by a consumer to understand his or her particular need, in order to make its final purchasing decision. Consumer behaviour depends on several factors including cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors. This paper presents two factors that influence my buying behavior.

According to me, my purchasing behaviour is influenced by personal and psychological factors. In my personal factors, I am always influenced by the purpose of whatever items I need, as well as my financial status at that particular time (Gitman, Lawrence & Carl p.381). When I run short of money, I tend to buy less and vice versa, “Being hungry when grocery shopping affects how people shop, people often buy more food than they would if they were not hungry.”

In addition, my psychological factors greatly influence my purchasing behaviour. More often, I am driven by my previous personal experience about some of the items I bought in the past, “memories about a particular product or place can have a direct effect on later decisions.” If I a particular seller is kind, welcoming and handle me to my satisfaction, I tend to buy more of my items from their shops and vice versa (Gitman, Lawrence & Carl p.381). Therefore, I prefer buying in a place or from a seller where I find comfortable, and where my shopping needs are satisfactorily met.


Various factors affect consumers’ purchasing behaviour such as, personal, psychological, social and cultural factors. However, these factors vary depending on an individual’s tastes and preferences. Therefore, it is important that sellers understand these factors; in order enable them define various products and services in accordance to different needs of consumers’ tastes and preferences.

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