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Explain 2 ways mutations may occur


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I need these questions answered in 3-5 sentences each. 7. Compare and contrast species richness and species evenness. Use an example to explain. 8. How are species phylogenies determined? 9. List the classification system from the most broad to the most specific. 10. Speciation is an example of microevolution or macroevolution? Explain. 11. Explain 2 ways mutations may occur. Are they good or bad? Explain. 12. Explain how recombination occurs. 13. Give 2 examples of how humans are purposefully or inadvertently directing evolution of organisms. 14. List the 5 key ideas of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. 15. Describe the 3 random evolutionary processes. 16. Give an example of how genetic drift may have a greater effect in small populations. 17. What are some ways the bottleneck effect may occur and why might this lead to an extinction of a population? Give an example of the founder effect. 18. Explain how Darwin’s finches are an example of allopatric speciation. 19. Give an example of sympatric speciation. 20. How long does evolution take? 21. Explain how the rate of environmental change, genetic variation, generation time and genetic engineering effect evolution. 22. Explain the difference between fundamental niche and realized niche. Give an example. 23. Would you rather be a niche generalist or niche specialist? Explain. 24. Can we predict future species distribution? Justify your answer. 25. What obstacles may prevent a species from being widely distributed? 26. Explain 3 reasons why species may go extinct when their habitat changes. 27. How can fossil records be useful for environmentalists? 28. What is the consensus on how the dinosaurs became extinct? 29. What is causing the 6th mass extinction?