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Expert Power Management Essay


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Expert power

April 2010, disaster struck in the Gulf of Mexico with millions of gallons of crude oil spilled into the sea, causing the most devastating marine oil spill in history.

Expert power is the ability to influence the response of others within an organizational structure by merit of expert know how or skill in relation to the scope of work being undertaken. Expert power allows for a consolidated application of an individual’s knowledge and capability, no matter the person’s hierarchy within an organization’s structure.

December 2010, it was reported that there were no significant oil spills to require continued efforts to clean up the spill in the deep Gulf of Mexico area .The response being clean up teams directed their efforts to oil mats in the shallow sub tidal offshore areas. This report, generated by the National Incident Commander’s team, after six months verification of thousands of samples, showed no traces of oil in sediments beyond the shoreline. The report showed less than 1 % samples exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s standard for carcinogenic compounds related to the oil spill.

A report presented by marine biologist Samantha Joye and her team contradicted this report, posting findings of thick layers embedded deep in the ocean bed miles beyond the oil well. This led to a reshuffle within the Unified Command, a justified result of expert power.

Discussions over how much of the spill remains and where it is, is ongoing with separate teams from research groups, environmental organizations and Government officials carrying out separate tests in the Gulf of Mexico area.



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