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Exercising Mental Health


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Exercising Mental Health

The beginning of last year was an extremely difficult time for me. The year began with allocation of duties and responsibilities across departments in the organization. I was assigned a project that called for me to work with a team from my department. I would say that was the most challenging project that I have previously undertaken. The project was critical to the organization and it determined the future. Nonetheless, I was unable to achieve the best out of the project and I was blamed for denying the team success. The management was against me and I had the most difficult time at the workplace. I got depressed not knowing how I would make up for the mistakes that I had already done.

The depressive feeling overcame me to a point that I felt that I did not deserve to be in the position that I had been assigned. I was depressed to a point that I could not handle my duties appropriately. I considered myself inadequate for the duties and I was not ready to handle or execute them accordingly. I could hardly complete the duties that I previously handled because I always remembered that I did not have the appropriate skills and knowledge. Extensive thinking became the order of the day and I did not come up with the appropriate solution for the situations that came up. My thinking capacity had been overcome by the fear of making mistakes. I felt incompetent and valueless in regard to my professionalism and approach to excellence.

My response was a bit inappropriate because I did not focus on fixing the situation, but I ran from it. I focused on the things that did not seem to matter such as withdrawing from my responsibilities. I did not take any more time to undertake my responsibilities and the activities that were most appropriate. I stopped the continuous communication with leadership and management, which made me avoid most of the duties that I was required to undertake. I preferred being alone in the workplace because I felt I had compromised the organization’s success. It was an extremely difficult time and I did not find significance in undertaking the responsibilities that had been assigned. It was evident that the situation was getting out of hands and I did not take much concern on the same.

However, my feelings and response to the situation could have been resolved by changing several things and focusing on the most critical things. The first solution could have been talk therapy. Mostly, I stayed alone and the loneliness consumed me daily as I did not find the most significant solution. Talking would have brought experienced personnel who would have guided me to making the best decisions and reconsidering my position. Secondly, exercising would have been highly significant because it creates an opportunity to engage my mind in a strenuous activity that would build my mental strength. Exercising would engage my mind to a point that I would hardly concentrate on the previous challenges. I would find it more fulfilling to participate in exercise than focus on negative feelings.

Equally, I would have improved my mood by creating more time with friends, family and engaging in social activities. I prefer being in the company of my friends whenever I am stressed or facing depressive moments. My family gives me the confidence to handle all things that come my way because they assure me of their support. Therefore, being around such people make me confident and gives me an opportunity to thrive in challenges. As such, resolving the situation at the workplace called for constant contact with the family and friends.

Nonetheless, the situation came with some positive things. First, it taught me the value of thinking about the positive and negative consequences of undertaking a project as a team. Instead of stress, I focused on developing relationships because I understood their value in hard times. Secondly, it taught me how to handle stress or depressive moments. I understood the significance of engaging in activities that are outside the norm to save the situation. Focusing on activities outside the workplace would help me to avoid stressful or depressing situations.

In conclusion, the situation at the workplace remains memorable because of the stressful and depressive experience. I learned the value of focusing on the assignments or duties assigned to avoid stressful events. Also, I have experienced the challenges of delegating duties and working with inappropriate people. Handling stressful moments has been extremely challenging but I found an outstanding approach. I learned the value of talking to people who would help me in resolving the issue at hand. Exercising is also significant since it creates an opportunity to engage the mind while remaining away from norms. Equally, my friends and family have been critical since they created social platforms where I would easily forget the daily routine. As such, I would be in a position to deal with such a situation in future. I am better positioned to handle stress or depressive moments in future.