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Ethical Leadership Essay


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Ethical Leadership

The abortion question remains a highly contentious issue in American society where victims are often victimized and stigmatized for soliciting abortion services. This paper seeks to address the issue of confidentiality as an aspect of ethical leadership.

Response 1

As the supervisor of the abortion clinic, the matter before hand indeed indicated that there has been a breach in the institution’s obligation towards upholding Susan’s confidentiality concerning her recent abortion. This implies that staffs at the clinic have poor knowledge on the ethical, moral and professional conduct when dealing with confidential client information (Baum, White, Hopkins, Potter & Grossman, 2016). It is imperative that the organization immediately conducts a staff audit to ascertain staffs oblivious of the brevity of the matter at hand as well as institute a subsequent training initiative to re-educate staff on client-clinic confidentiality protocols.

Response 2

The primary resource to handling the confidentiality breach at the clinic will be informed by the institutions code for professional, moral and ethical conduct. In all instances where a client engages the clinic’s services, there is a particular confidentiality clause which the clinic promises to the client that it will abide by (Homaifar, Freedman, & French, 2017). This will be the main resource as the clinic in this case has failed the client.

Response 3

In line with the verdict of Roe v. Wade the clinic is ethically and professional mandated to ensure all client’s right to privacy (Homaifar, Freedman, & French, 2017). This particular verdict as well as the code of ethics of the healthcare profession serves to inform the clinic’s code of ethics and professional standards.

Response 4

State law categorically provides that all information obtained and stored within a health institution’s system should never be disclosed without the express consent of an individual to whom such information appertains (Homaifar, Freedman, & French, 2017).


As this paper has illustrated, divulging Susan’s abortion information by one of the clinic’s staff to non concerned parties resulted in a breach of confidentiality suit. The institution, its employees and more so, the client will ultimately suffer in various ways as a result of poor ethical leadership at the clinic.




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