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Essay Resolute students


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Resolute students

Young people consider schooling as the greatest life challenge faced yet. Students are continuously subjected to new knowledge which they have to comprehend within a defined deadline. Each year many students join college. During the time in college, it is common to find many students dropping out for one reason or another. Resolute students are able to successfully complete their studies and later excel in attaining their life dreams. This informative essay seeks discuss tenacity as a vital element in successful students.

KFC was founded by Colonel Sanders after retirement in 1930. He perceived his social security checks as too little and sought to have some other source of income to supplement the retirement benefits.  He had a delicious chicken cooking recipe which he believed could appeal to people for its great taste (Ozersky, 14). At first, he had the idea of sharing this recipe with a restaurant in return for a share of the profits. Selling this idea was a huge challenge as restaurants opted to use their own chicken cooking recipes without the need to pay out a share of profits. Colonel Sanders’ idea was rubbished by many establishments though he had the determination to continue with the quest. It was his tenacity that brought about the establishment of KFC, one of the most successful fast food retail chains in the US.

I have established that resolute individuals are often the most successful people in the world an indeed they also suffer losses. I have also established that they are successful simply due to the fact that they do not give up. I one participated in an international car designing competition organized by the French automobile manufacturer Peugeot. I am a talented artist and believed that I had the chance to win the competition. I drew many different futuristic car designs and kept on working on the design I considered as being the most progressive. When I submitted by prototype design, I was convinced that I had done my best. My Art tutor and peers thought it was quite a good attempt. However, I did not win the competition. The competition was won by an African high school student whose design I had to admit was much better than what I had even dared to imagine. He deservedly carried the day.

This loss affected me positively instilling in me a new desire towards producing art work that was functionally out of the box. The experience opened up new income generating avenues as my school teachers and students came to know of my artistic talents. Soon after, people in the school community began presenting me with proposals to design logos, draw portraits and design landscapes. I became a sought after artist.

Participating in the international competition defined my tenacity which the school community came to admire and regard highly. I now know that from my talent, I can earn an income doing what I enjoy to do. As a top art student, I have sought to ensure that I continue pushing my limits to world beyond and participate in many other art competitions. I have also noticed that other successful students participating in other disciplines, academic, artistic or sports activities excel as a result of their resolute attitudes with regards to the challenges they regularly face. They strive to achieve nothing but the best in whatever they endeavor to pursue.

Louis Pasteur, the phenomenal French scientist of the 19th Century aptly describes tenacity in a conclusive manner. When questioned on his secret to success, he said that he attributed it to his tenacious nature (Gal 6). The degree of one’s success is greatly determined the degree of tenacity which in turn defines the level of success achievable. Resolute students may be driven by a force greater than love, deep purpose or faith but it is true to conclude that they lead deeply satisfied lives as compared to individuals who collapse at any obstacle presented to them.



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