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Essay Outline


Essay Outline

Many students fail to write good essays because they do not outline their work before beginning writing the essay. An outline helps you to structure and organize your points in a logical manner. Having an outline makes the essay writing process easier because you have a better understanding of how your paper should be structured. For example, in a five paragraph essay you should address 15-20 points. Having essay outline of the work enables you to determine how the points will be distributed on the paper.

Structuring an Essay

There are various academic papers and while some of them have very unique structures most essays have a general outline that mainly consists of the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

 The Introduction

The introduction begins with a brief statement about the essay. This statement could be a historical background of the topic, a fun fact or just a hooking statement. The introductory paragraph should then proceed to present the argument of the essay before discussing how the essay hopes to achieve its main purpose. This is usually covered under the thesis statement which is usually the last sentence of the introduction paragraph.   

The Body

On the very first sentence of the paragraph, should be the statement of the topic sentence which will be the main point discussed in the whole paragraph. In the next paragraph you should make the argument of the essay by presenting the theory that has been created with regards to the main idea. This argument should be logical and compatible with the aims of the essay. After presenting the main argument, you should proceed to support it with evidence from reliable and relevant sources to eliminate opposing bias. Using unreliable sources could reduce the credibility of your work. As you wind up on the body section, you could state the thesis statement again and explain how your argument supports the main topic.

A well structured essay has numerous segments that increase the number of sentences, and the length of the essay. When making an outline though, you do not need to write full sentences. Just jolt down the main points you want to make using a few words. Once you begin writing the essay sentences and paragraph will flow smoothly.

The Conclusion

The main purpose of the concluding paragraph is to recap the main points discussed in the essay. It also in this section that you provide the reader with an assertive concluding statement which supports the essay’s main idea. A well structured conclusion should:

  • Rephrase the thesis statement by placing the argument on the first sentence of the conclusion paragraph to revert the reader’s focus as to why the essay is important.
  • Briefly state the main points discussed on the body and show how significant they are to the discussion by mention the value that they add to the thesis.
  • State the value of the thesis statement to real life and its significance to the field of study. 

As you can see from the above discussion, outlining an essay is important for building a logical argument and chronological flow of thought from segment to segment. If you would like to write your own paper but do not quite know how to clearly arrange you points, just seek our essay outline writing service and our experts shall outline your essay for you. If you want us to write the whole essay, we shall include the essay outline in the paper and give it to you for future reference use. This service may not be as easy but it is quite cheap so do not hesitate to place an order for an essay outline today.

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